Warriors will nerf themselves


I watched a stream last night, where the dude said “It’s a good deck, but I may switch later, Warrior is a bit tiresome”. That is exactly it. I play Warrior as well, but I must say, after weeks playing mainly CW, it gets really boring. I cant play more than 2 games in a row with that deck now.


So I see you’re part of the problem as you bandwagon on the FOTM deck but the reality caught up to you, warrior is just boring and makes the game a chore. Thanks for confirming what every non warrior players are saying for a while, and welcome to the tired of 30 mins games crowd.


But it still takes skill. Nothing will be ever as bad as Jade Druid. That was not only boring, it made your IQ drop below freezing point.


But if you play a deck that kills you in turns 5-7, it’s called a fair and balanced deck XD.


Super skill to use all your removal while using boom to generate rush minions to act as they were more removal.

It is exactly as dumb as face hunter but also more tedious.


You mean all the crybabies who falsely inflated the win rate of warrior due to conceding on start because wahhhhh I want a 4 minute game of going face.


Super skilled to play all of your minions by turn 5 and cry when they get blown away. If you’re losing to control warrior, the problem is you and your deck.


The same people who are against declare blockers in the game are these same people because they think the ideal game time is 4 minutes of just ignoring the opponent and going face.


Why do you think warrior’s win rate is so high at the start of each month and expansion?

Because whales and pros abuse the class to get a quick legend.


I switched to CW just to have a chance of claiming, as soon as I hit rank 4 I had to switch to mage as 40 minute battles aren’t my thing


Interesting theory youve got there. Its wrong, but interesting nonetheless.

I am adamantly against blockers, and anyone who has been here a while has seen the decks I play. Most of them arent even capable of killing in 10 turns. I have in excess of 2500 games in my deck tracker with an avg. duration of 10 turns and a steadily increasing winrate the longer a game lasts.

Nice try though :wink:


Nah. I PersonalIy prefer playing counter warrior (quest paladin) if I wanna climb and today I homebrewed some highlander quest paladin to some mitigated success, but thanks for caring. If youre one of those who copy / paste the better win rate decklist and gets bored, I feel both bad and sad for you.


The problem with Warrior is that it is very inefficient in climbing. Having 100% win-rate doesn’t matter if each win cost you 2-3 hours.

That’s why I have always been asking for a real win-condition in control decks. Just a basic Mecha’thun without a condition is fine (10 mana 10/10 “battlecry: win the game”).



Do you want all games to be won by the guy with the coin on his turn 9?


Super skilled to play whatever removals you have in hand that would remove their minion on board. I’m guessing you’re rank 1 legend then since it sounds like you never lost a game in your life before.