Warrior Book of Heroes

Edit: I tried it again and I equipped the weapon before completing the little quest and I beat that silly greenskin!

I completed the daily/weekly/event quests.

I started playing Book of Heroes.

(I claimed the free solo content from the store but it hasn’t shown up for some weird reason. Too late I guess?)

Anyway. I beat the first couple Books and I am working on Warrior.

I struggled with the mage chick. The walls of Theramore and all that.

I finally made it to Thrall, the Shaman guy.

From what I can tell, I have no weapon removal or burst damage. I literally got him down to 1 health but had nothing to push that last point of damage.

From the books I played, Fire mage was fun. I breezed through with Hunter. But I am struggling hard with Warrior.

I try to build the little jade guys - nope. Try to use the “summon 10/10 copies” of minions in your deck.

They are immediately cleared and when his health gets low?

Giant wall of taunts that I have to expend minions to clear.

Just for him to heal himself.

At this point, I may dust every warrior card I get because this class seems to have little sprinkles of everything but none of it is cohesive.

Rush/Charge and weapons are fitting for Warrior. But I have mid to late game cards until I destroy six minions and what little minions I have cost zero…

…versus having a weapon that can, you know, push that little bit of damage I need to, you know, win.

I cannot figure out how to beat this guy. Cause that stupid weapon gives his minions windfury.

Any help/tips would be appreciated. I found an article on Icy Veins that gave an idea of how it’s supposed to go - Idk what I’m doing wong.