Victory Progress in Dalaran Heist unlocked regardless of Wing

My Victory progress in the dalaran heist (normal only) now shows victory for each hero, hero power, or starting deck -regardless- of the wing i select. I used to be able to track victory progress on a wing-per-wing basis but now even for wings i have not yet beaten even once (wing 4 / underbelly) i see all of the crowns on the heros and hero powers for which i have beaten other wings.

I have also experienced the same issue.
I had only beaten the 4th wing with one hero so far, but now it says I’ve beaten it with all characters.

same with me, any new info about that?

Mine is slightly different - my progress on all the four wings is the same, 100% with Mage, Shaman, and Hunter, and Lesser Heal & Shadow for Priest; which I think was my exact progress on Chapter 1 before the patch. It looks like that got copied over to all the chapters, and led to me losing some progress (e.g. I had finished Chapter 4 with Warrior at almost 100%, but now have nothing there) while gaining other.

EDIT: Looks like it is (now) a known issue.