Very easy to implement suggestion

there should be an option in the collection page, to hide uncraftable, non-golden cards when you have 2 copies of the gold version. i dont know if anyone else does it, but every month or so, i’ll go through my collection and see “Ok, i have a golden version of x card, and 2 non golden versions, i dont need 2 non golden ones, so i’ll disenchant one of the non gold, so i have 2 copies, but not a useless extra plain one” i just like to keep things tidy. it’d be nice to be able to hide the uncraftable, un-disenchantable cards so i dont keep going “Oh i have 2 golden 2 plain oh wait…” i know some people (not many, but a few) like to use non golden cards if they’re streaming just to save that little extra bitrate for a good stream, so just getting entirely rid of the non golden cards when you have the gold version for uncraftables wouldn’t be the right thing, but being able to just have a toggle for it that persists, at player choice would be nice.

Have you tried typing “extra” in the search box? As far as I know, that shows you all cards where you have more than 2 copies (normal and golden combined). Or more than 1 for legendary cards.

I have not used it myself, so perhaps first try it and double check the results before actually disenchanting any cards. But I think it might be what you need.