Vargoth not working with twinspell


Right before posting this i played ranked match, my oponent was shaman i was playing druid. At turn 8 i casted “The Forest’s Aid”(version with twinspell), while having Vargoth on board it. At the end of turn Vargoth casted forest aid but twinspell did not activate as i had only 1 copy of The Forest’s Aid(without twinspell) in hand. I had 8 cards in hand so it wasn’t due to no place in hand.


Do you have any screenshots, video or deck tracker replay. If something unusual happens at least take screenshots.

Archmage Vargoth recasts any one spell you have cast this turn. Remember, The Coin is a spell. It does not cast a spell out of your hand.

What else was on the battlefield? More details / steps are helpful.

Also, The Forest’s Aid summons five (5) minions and with Archmage Vargoth makes 6 minions on board, So, recasting The Forest’s Aid would have space for only one more minion in the battlefield.


I believe the issue they’re describing is that they expected to get another copy of The Forests Aid in their hand since the one Vargoth cast had Twinspell on it.

Haven’t experimented much with Twinspell much myself but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s working as intended here. Echo also wouldn’t give Ghostly copies if cast by another card.