Varden 9th task

I dont have jaina or lich king, how can I complete this Quest?

Find the minion in the barrens that freezes anything it damages. Heal it an attacker with Xyrella. Use Varden’s third ability on the attacker when it is frozen by hitting the minion.

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To add onto this, you want to make sure you don’t have a merc that can one shot or softlock you by having too much attack.

Many protector mercs are too slow to attack before ice lance, many fighters are fast enough but will crit the elemental, unless you attack at sheer rng.

Blink fox can be used to reset cds, while the attack trick work, you once could potentially softlock yourself for good by leveling all fighter and protector mercs to be too slow to attack to be lanced, and too high attack to avoid instant death from a crit with a fighter. I’m just spreading awareness since while it’s a work around if you level up all mercs you made to 30 before knowing, you could screw yourself over.

On the other hand if you only want to use varden as say, a ladder to farm felwood for fire comp, MVK (Millhouse, varden, Krush) is a extremely cheap, fast animation, one turn one click 40 damage felwood farmer for bounties. Fire comps only difference is it doesn’t need to one shot as much to be effective. But mvk can one shot everything in felwood bar a 1 up summoner imp, and by the time I farmed 500 coins for fire comp seed I had like 1000 coins for varden and ended up with like 4000 excess coins for the dude doing the concede to farm random coins trick to get seed coins for crafting. (Though Anduin and krush coins are quite good too. )

I’ve already talked about this task in a couple of other posts, but if you don’t have Jaina or the Lich King and if you don’t want to Ice Lance one of your freezed Mercs, you can always use this strategy if you have Blink Fox:

Apothecary Helbrim (Heroic for extra opponent health).
Team: Varden, Blink Fox, Xyrella

Take out his two bodyguards while Cycling through Blink Fox’s Mind Thief until you get Helbrim’s Potion of Illusion. Using it will give you a 1 HP copy of Varden and Xyrella. Time its use so the copies won’t get immediately attacked since Helbrim can Attack (Xyrella’s Blinding Luminance to reduce its Attack to 0) or use Potion of Madness (wait a turn). With your copies: Have the two Vardens use Ice Lance, the two Xyrellas heal the damage, and use Blink Fox’s Mana Blink: since it refreshes and speeds up your moves, it allows you to do another turn of Ice Lances while keeping Helbrim alive. Repeat the cycling of Blink Fox’s Mind Thief to find another Potion of Illusion in case your Varden copy gets taken out while waiting for Ice Lance to go off cooldown and repeat. You can Equip Varden’s Band of Frost for extra Frost damage (or get lucky and find a Treasure for extra Frost damage) to speed up slightly the process.

Also, with Blink Fox, you can also Mind Thief an opposing Varden for Ice Lance (or Jaina or Lich King for their Freezing abilities) should you get that encounter along the way, but it should be faster just heading straight for Apothecary Helbrim.

Takes a bit of work, but the Apothecary Helbrim is a guaranteed encounter. I used that strategy, ran the bounty two times and in each Helbrim fight, got damage with Ice Lance 4 times (with one run with a bit of extra Frost damage) and completed the task.


At this moment I do the fight that way and it works perfectly. Thank you so much.