Update on Scholar Jaina and Horseman Uther

Is there any other way you guys can think of to milk us? I mean we’re already buying cards, heroes and perks - why not skins and alternate art and a 6" bobby kotick doll as well?!

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what a shame!

I pay $ 25 and not even a legendary card in the packs!

Will they be available to re-purchase? The reason many people didn’t purchase is because they had no new voice lines. Seems sort of messed up to not offer people a chance to purchase the updated versions since they didn’t want to purchase the non-updated ones.

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Blizzard wants to make money. People who didn’t buy Jaina before might buy her with a new voice. Blizzard will attempt to get more money and put Jaina back in the shop.

I may need to set money aside for future skins if they’re making an effort now.

Or they’ll keep Jaina off the shop, and bank on people spending money in future mediocre skins just in case said skins also get an upgrade. FOMO is a thing, after all.

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This is a win for the community. Congratulations to all the people that cared enough about their beloved game to rally for change.


I hope you are going to bring back Scholar Jaina. Since there are those of us missed our chance to buy it. I didn’t know it was out for only a week. Thought it would be out longer. So missed my chance to buy it. Since i was away.


Please refer to this topic in which I lay out why this bundle should be re-added to the shop for an additional week:

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What about the board-frame? This was also a standard which came with every new portrait.


So let me understand this right…

You will add new sounds to jaina when most of the people didnt buy her because she had her common voice lines? I’m guessing when you “re-release” her she will be back up?

Also points for listening.


Give me my money back! This is scamming and unaccetable!!

Wait what? Scamming? They are upgrading what you bought dude :stuck_out_tongue:

No!! They should have done it before they grab my money first!! I cannot believe this has happen to me

he probably didnt read the thread before posting

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This should be a thing for every other skin in the game. They all miss important voicelines. We have a number of characters that made the history of WoW like Arthas, Sylvanas, Khadgar and they all lack significant voicelines with other characters (Arthas-Uther, Sylvanas-Arthas, Khadgar-Medivh, Alleria-Sylvanas and so on…). This is a thing you developers should do. It’s not normal fan service, because we’re paying 10$ for those skins. It could be an amazing work if finished, but instead we currently have a mediocre product. Hope you see this.


You know I think there is a fair amount of demand for the solo content heroes (Witch Hunt, Rumble Run, and Heist of Dalaran), if you are looking to make more heroes why not just finish them and give those to us.

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espcially since they only lack mirror emote, adn seasonal ones. and for Rumble run and monster hunt aso dint even need to make new animation as can just use animation from their goldn card.

So what now? Do you add unique audio or not? Can you at least put the old skins which brought at least more quality at the store again, so that I can buy at least something decent?


Would there ever be an option in the future where you guys would offer past hero’s for sale that were included in pre purchase of certain expansions? I pre ordered all expansions, however, I was unable to pre purchase the old gods, and I missed out on getting Madame Dread locks. And I really really really wanted to get her.

I"m really glad that you guys are updating the voice lines for the new hero’s. I really like the horseman skin but the auto tune line was super disappointing. The Jana skin was super flat though, along with no change in her voice lines.

But what you guys did with Lady Vashe was awesome. :slight_smile:

It’s pretty crazy to me that in the trailer, you include the original entry for the headless horseman, but the skin doesn’t have it. I feel really mislead