Upcoming Reckless Experimenter Card Change

It’s a necro-bump but slightly more justified than the usual case. This was an official post made by devs who claimed that they’d watch over Sn1plock and how it developed in the meta, and it’s become clear that it’s worse than Sn1p’s interaction with Reckless Experimenter (which was preemptively nerfed) and can repeatedly generate more powerful boards than Nagalock (which was also nerfed).

Devs almost definitely don’t check normal posts, so Bumper posted here in an attempt to maybe catch their attention and maybe get an explanation. They’re just doing it in a sarcastic way that probably killed any chance of them getting taken seriously.


I mean, common logic would dictate that Mechwarper MUST be a target for nerfs, since they preemptively nerfed Reckless Experimenter because of the interaction with Snip-Snap. The fact that it’s even more broken than Star Aligner/Togwaggle Druid and Giantslock is pretty damning. So to is the fact is that the only way to counter the deck is to play it. But hey, Blizzard time is a thing.

I doubt it’s sarcastic - the deck is that much of a nightmare to play against.

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Yes, you are completely right.

^ Assuming the devs would care about our opinion if we were polite.

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