Upcoming Battlegrounds Reveals

Indeed im also curious to see whats coming, i would also like to see more buffs as well .
My bet is on Rokara and the whole warrior control cards getting a boost so they can finaly be done with the bs Pirates.

Brian kibler has a rokara list it actualy did ok i think/

Kibler can make a hopeless deck look like a solid tier 2 deck.
Blizzard counts on him to drain people dust reserves thinking they can perform at his level.

Dont agree about the dust part but i agree brian kibler has some serious skil but what i like is he proves that skil with any deck usualy amounts to wins.

Oh he just hides it well with prodigy level skill while listening to classical music.

Its all a clever act that ends up draining countless dust piles forcing many to cave in and finaly buy some packs.

Blizzard most evil vanguard , i like his dog though.

Yeah - the “announcement of an announcement” is stupid - and has been since WoW BETA. Just reveal what you want to do, and stop with the streamer azz kissing.

absolutely criminal and disgusts me that Savjz wasn’t included
blizz, you suck