Upcoming Battlegrounds Reveals

Thanks hey glad to see battlegrounds gaining popularity. - mech and dragon player here.
My poor thief rogue i hope it survives nerfs.
Lastly slingbox i think boars are weak to poisen.

Any chance the next patch will fix the wild search collection bug that makes it so you can’t actually search your collection without having to exit the deck and clear your search filter? The one that’s been going on for months?

Mm maybe you can make the next one :slight_smile: then share it here.

Geez…why all this cerimony dude?

Just tell what the changes are


Sounds like you are expecting a terrible change that won’t fix anything.

Yes, that should be fixed in this patch.


Battlegrounds isnt very fun.

Maybe just delete instead?

Make a different game for people who play lol battlegrounds?

Many people like different modes in fact battlegrounds is immensly popular and duals is rising as well.


Many people like different modes, some like duals some like mercs honestly i dont see the problem in battlegrounds being a thing and its actualy extremely popular.
if you dont like it it is really simple you can ignore the balanced changes for a mode you do not play and stop harasing the community manager because you dont like battlegrounds.
I am trying to be civil so dont take this the wrong way.
I for one am glad the dev team is more active on forums.

Like i said i am in the minority that doesnt change the fact that i dont care for the mode.

Fair enough but like i said its popular :slight_smile: just focus on the balance notes that are important to you.
I dont play it alot im a mech guy myself in bg anyway later btw id appreciate your input in the mage hero thread somone said running 1 polymorph is actually good in it not sure if i want to do that yet.

Was about to give up on the format but then I did this today. Never bait. 100% Meta Breaker. If this deck doesn't perform it's simply because of an enormous skill cap and you just need to git gud. Mulligan is hard because of Maestra (Fire Sale/Viper).

Rogues, I'm coming for you! pic.twitter.com/nN3yi8dcCr

— O. Zach (@ZachODR) January 14, 2022

You might want to take a look at this list if you want to deal with Rogue and it runs 1 Mass Poly.

Orion can this list do it or are we being baited :face_with_monocle:

I think it does well when you only factor Rogue in .
The ability to side step cloak of shadows with Mask is game winning and the massive amounts of armor you gain also helps with Poison Rogue.

The mulligan is indeed your biggest enemy not knowing for sure what you are up against can cripple you before the match starts if you make the wrong choices.

Its a fun deck to play until the nerfs come that will fall out of favor right after.

I am fine with the normal ping mage list here it is but the other list is alot different
You see my list has 4 cards missing from that list.

Hero Power Mage

Class: Mage

Format: Standard

Year of the Gryphon

2x (1) Shivering Sorceress

2x (1) Wand Thief

2x (1) Wildfire

2x (2) Amplified Snowflurry

1x (2) Arcanologist

2x (2) Wandmaker

2x (3) Ice Barrier

1x (3) Mankrik

1x (3) Rustrot Viper

2x (4) Deepwater Evoker

2x (4) Fire Sale

2x (4) Multicaster

2x (4) Reckless Apprentice

1x (4) Varden Dawngrasp

2x (5) Arcane Overflow

1x (5) Taelan Fordring

1x (7) Magister Dawngrasp

1x (7) Mask of C’Thun

1x (8) Mordresh Fire Eye


To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

You are using Arcane Overflow that in an ideal meta would be the best pick but against Poison Rogue becomes a dead card in your hand , also only 1 Mask limits your reach to kill Rogues.

Your deck might be better for climbing but if you are already in Legend were Rogues and so prevalent you re going to have a hard time.
After 2k top it becomes hell best you avoid it and stay in dumpster Legend.

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Anyway this was about the balance patch lets git it back to that i love all the changes coming cant wait for the reveal stream :slight_smile:

Indeed im also curious to see whats coming, i would also like to see more buffs as well .
My bet is on Rokara and the whole warrior control cards getting a boost so they can finaly be done with the bs Pirates.

Brian kibler has a rokara list it actualy did ok i think/

Kibler can make a hopeless deck look like a solid tier 2 deck.
Blizzard counts on him to drain people dust reserves thinking they can perform at his level.