Unacceptable Bugs

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Throw in extra meatballs please.


This is 100 % correct. The worst type of players and the worst type of players.

Let’s be honest. That’s pretty much everyone running the card. I didn’t see that card played a single time this whole time and now everyone’s playing it.

And the permanent attack to hero cards is stupidly broken.


I’m struggling to see how this can go on for days. Seeing this is really putting a damper on Hearthstone for me, right now. I don’t think I’ve seen such game-breaking bugs before.


The main reason they can’t simply patch the game immediately is because this is a fix that’s going to require a client update. That’s a fairly involved process that can take several days. If it was something they could just fix on their backend they would, but a new version update requires coordination between multiple teams on multiple different platforms. The devs have said in the past that pushing version updates is one of the most expensive tasks they do in terms of man hours involved.

Now you can argue that they should have just held off on pushing the update out in its current form when this was a known issue, but that is a decision that the company’s “important people” have to make and not one the devs have control over. It was a major release so they apparently opted to push it through knowing there could be consequences. That’s on the higher ups though. Either way they are working on correcting the issue but it’s not something they can simply do by themselves.

This is actually horrendous. I can understand bioluminescence slightly, since that’s not a card people really run, so it randomly getting bugged out (maybe by the new mage transform) is understandable, but how do they not realise that snapdragon is bugged, its literally one of the core, meta changing cards of the miniset, there is no way they tested any of the cards considering the rogue 1/3 also has the same bug of applying to all cards.

Also its kinda insane that in:

they patch a bug related to pack openings giving a unintended card literally the day of the patch, but they say it will take a few days to patch a game breaking bug.

(i hope they give dust refund for bioluminescence i want free dust)

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Remember how they handled Pandaren Importer? This was right before the expansion dropped. Wouldn’t something like that be possible?


I don’t know the exact process or implications. In the event of pandareen importer the issue was brought to the devs attention multiple days before the expansion launched via streamer feeds. It appears they had a shorter window of notice here. I suspect the devs did not realize the issue was a problem until it was too late. That can happen in the IT field, and especially in game development.

I understand the frustrations over the bug, and I’m not happy either. I’ll take a few days off from playing till they fix it. All I’m saying is the devs are people too so all the outrage and hatred toward them…while standard for the industry… may be more extreme than it is warranted. That’s all. Mistakes happen. It’s never fun for anyone when they do.

For me, it’s more about how this escaped testing rather than it still existing and not hot fixed.

It screams lack of testing. It affects ALL battlecry cards. Lol there’s no way it got tested at all.


I was playing it at the time. I didn’t even notice the spell damage glitch. I did wonder why everyone was roping me when I played shaman, tho.

I’m very understanding that the team are human beings, like us. The fact that this wasn’t even slightly tested pre-launch is astonishing. As you say, the window of notice may have been brief here, but it should have been long enough to catch these issues. The fact that these bugs are being permitted to exist, without any even temporary fix, for days, is mind-boggling, to say the least.

This miniset is something we have all been waiting patiently for – for some of us more unhappy players, since the launch of Voyage, hoping for a change of pace and simply new cards. This is something many of us spend real currency on. For a smaller minority of us, but for a portion of us that certainly matter, this miniset was purchased for $70. This is entirely unacceptable.

I’m not calling for the team’s heads to roll here. I’m not one to really talk badly of the devs. This is the most dissatisfied I have been with Hearthstone in quite some time – possibly ever, however.

I don’t know the logistics, but a fix needs to be implemented, even if temporary (i.e. akin to Pandaren Importer). This cannot not be allowed to continue. The meta is being shaped as we speak by bugs.


do you know what is really expensive?

Players who are fed up and uninstall.

what should be so difficult to take the affected cards out of the game until the fix.
don’t know what you want to apologize for here.


I understand and agree with you, mistakes and issues always happens in everything, my problem is the time for the fix, the warrior colossal bug take weeks after massive reports to be resolved, that is unacceptable from a big game company like Blizzard.


I ran into this today playing my shaman deck, I was incredibly confused.

its different than the prist galakrond bug that one disconnected the opponent whenever it was played

this one doenst affect all the players and it doesnt trigger all the time is easy to guess a bug which doenst trigger the same way for everyone by using a specific card can take more time to figure out than one that does

i mean true but also your human heart and dwelling should generally get more immediate attention than a digital TCG

There is a statistic that proves how much more it costs to get a NEW customer rather than KEEP an existing customer…

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Just ban all those using it more than once, and make it public. And next time, most cheaters will think twice before cheating.

If possible, the cards should be temporarily disabled, at least. Players will have reasonable doubt that they were somehow unaware the bug exists, and will continue to use it. I don’t think we’ll see any player bans.

Time for an all shaman meta.

People said shaman wasn’t that great. It is now.