Turalyon Bugged in Duels

Turalyon’s Hero power which resurrects a minion with one health remaining is bugged. It summons two copies of the minion, which creates insanely high tempo swings (especially with the typical divine shield minions, like Goody Two-Shields and Azsharan Mooncatchers.

This bug has caused me to lose several games, as I’m sure with many other players, and other players are benefitting from this bug by receiving wins they may not have otherwise gotten.

I would like to request an Arena/Duels Ticket in compensation, and hope that this issue is fixed as soon as possible.


Yeah, there’s basically no point in playing Duels atm with that bug.

i opened a ticket asking for a refund, i advise you to do the same

i’m so tired of all the shtty exploiters playing turalyon right now

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Blizzard knows, they just don’t consider Duels important enough to fix.


In duels, Turalyon’s hero power is producing two minions at once–without (unless I am mistaken) any minion aura or spell aura effects in place. The text hasn’t changed, but I have had two or three paid duels runs affected by this hero power bug and would appreciate it if it was corrected. In the meantime, I plan on avoiding duels format games because I don’t want to benefit from that bug. I would appreciate 450 gold refunded to me for duels runs affected by Turalyon’s broken hero power. You all have been great in the past and I trust you will continue to be great in the future. Thanks for ETC and his buddies coming out soon!


The real question is, are the players exploiting this going to be punished? Because they should.

The moment I noticed the bug I conceded with my Turalyon deck, even though it was casual not heroic. But I see many people who have no shame and abuse it to win, they ignore my friend request knowing full well what I have to say to them.

Therefore, collectively punish all those players. It’s impossible to not notice this is a bug, and they should concede and retire the deck rather than abuse it - or stop playing until it’s fixed.

yes,it’s pretty lame as thing that hero power at the moment,you can do NOTHING about it,it’s just too much.

played today, it still isn’t fixed
I play only duels in HS so I much dissapointed by blizzard not fixing this bug and players who use it in order to win.
have we some other way to report it, cause it has been noticed here 7 days ago and the situation hadn’t change since?
it’s not some small bug that could be fixed any time, it’s , for god’s sake, hero’s power!
Blizzard, please, hear us.

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Came here to report the issue, didn’t realize it’s been going on for a week now, saw it for the first time today.
Hopefully they’ll fix this soon

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