Tombs of Terror Reno on Heroic is HARD

Wow I am really struggling here. I’ve made it to the plague lord once today after playing all day and only managed to do about 15-20 damage. What a grind!! Any tips for me?

Heroic Tombs of Terror is easier if you activate Anomaly mode, and then choose character/deck/opponent that makes good use of the Anomaly, while being less useful to your opponent.

Even the “neutral” Anomalies tend to advantage the human player, because the AI doesn’t take them into account in their decisions. But some of them are amazing with the right deck.

Yeah, They usually no matter what bucket offer spells as if you have a permanent spell damage buff. The minions they offer suck even though they mostly have effect that keep your hand full of choices for the following turns. I’ve found playing reno and having loot can be from any class amazingly better but I only get it like once every 3-4 months so.