TNT / Wheel of Death Bug

Wheel of Death says “Destroy your deck”

TNT: Specifically states to destroy a card in your hand / battlefield and deck WHEN DRAWN.

Wheel of Death does NOT cause you to draw a card and if it is supposed to then it should state that. As it stands, Wheel of Death says “Destroy your deck. In 5 turns, destroy the enemy hero” - NOTHING about it drawing cards. So just now when I used wheel to destroy the 12 TnT cards shuffled in my deck (Zola / Brann), I managed to draw each and every one of those TnT cards when I used Wheel which was supposed to DESTROY the deck. NOT DRAW.

Did you destroy a furnace fuel which drew you cards and caused the TNT chain to go off maybe?


If that were the case, why were the T.N.T.'s not also destroyed along with the fuel?

Wheel of death destroys cards in order
It can destroy a furnace fuel, stops while furnace fuel makes you draw cards, then resumes destroying the remaining cards

I don’t remember where it has been specified first but one the latest patches mentions it


Ohhh. Well, that makes a big difference!