This is why we need a rank reset

Ah yeah maybe youre right.

I imagine that there is a max possible point amount now. So if that amount was to be reached you would just get 0 points.

Except you only “win” in Battleground if you get 1st place. 4th-place players should never have their points added.

They need a full reset, first it’s beta, second the start of the BG release people were getting 1 to 20points getting 1st place…they could have been top 200 if the points were at least 50-100.

It is already confirmed that they will reset rank for >5500 MMR, no need to panic.

The rank reset will mean that everyone 5500 and higher gets set to 5500?

yes, they can’t reset those lower than 5500 because it will mess up the match making system.

placed 5th and got -68 points, yeah f-this. Thanks for screwing this up as well. lol. It was good while it lasted.

They will undo the change apearently,which is very disappointing.
Its a dumb grind game now for the leaderboards,not worth it at all.

why isn’t there a monthly reset for battlegrounds ? This mode is a joke

Do you guys have sources on the 5500 and the undo changes thing ?

Hearsay from a twitch chat which had it from a comment by a blizz guy on a reddit post I think.
Its the way communication about the game goes these days. shrugs

Maybe you can go through all the threads and all the comments on reddits and then eventually you should find the post buried deep inside some thread. With a bit of luck it is indicated that the post is made by a blizzard official.

A monthly reset will just kill the motivation to play for alot of people, main reason for BG is the ladder… having season resets would be better meaning 4 resets a year.

They first need get a decent and fair rating system.
As a 5k player you need to have an almost 50% winrate against 8k players just to keep your rating and not drop which is kinda silly to say the least.

Why is a reset needed monthly? Imagine resetting elo of chess player monthly.

From the Blue post stickied at the top of this forum:

  • 12/5 UPDATE: In regards to the potential MMR normalization pass, we are aiming to adjust players above 5,500 rating down to 5,500. We will keep everyone updated on final decisions.
  • 12/6 UPDATE: We’re in process of reverting the change that was accidentally made yesterday. What this means it that everything will be just as it was before yesterday’s changes. As far as the future of the MMR system is concerned, we’re still discussing how we want to proceed. We’ll be sure to keep you all updated!
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is it possible to hit 0 ratings? what would happen if you do? Can’t go down any more, unless you can go into the negative

Well, there is one way to find out if you are curious :stuck_out_tongue:

not that curious… I imagine someone will find out, eventually

That doesn’t work. Not if you have 8 players competing for a win. As soon as over half the players lose ranking, you’d be in a downward spiral across the board.