This has to be one of the most unfun metas ever

or people refusing to play meta decks because doing so is Boring as !@#$

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It’s fine to have that opinion but these players will actively play decks that are weak because they want to buck the trend and then complain about losing to decks that are strong.


you have to understand that blizzard doesn’t care about your entertainment at all, do you understand? nothing, nothing, nothing. Blizzard only cares about instilling enough frustration in you to make you feel the uncontrollable need to buy new cards and momentarily strengthen your deck and become competitive again, in fact many understand this loop and leave bots playing non-stop day and night and Blizzard receives this reaction absolutely understandable, I don’t do it and my reaction is to only play while I poop


then they wouldn’t have any excuse for being hard stuck at low rank.

There are people that make their own decks and ride them to legend each month. Those players aren’t here complaining about “netdecks” or “meta decks” because they are actually good at making decks.

Then there’s this group of people stuck at low ranks who denigrate players for playing good decks as a way of justification for their own lack of winning, “well, I play my own decks” is basically their excuse.

News flash: You suck at making decks or you would have already made yourself a virtual clone of a “net deck” because there are right and wrong ways to make decks.

If your homebrew can’t win enough, it’s either a bad list or a bad pilot. It’s NOT the meta’s fault.


I disagree with this statement. You are actually incentivized to net deck in order to get to legend. Many players actually tend to net deck to get to legend then they play homebrew decks for the fun of it. Why? Because everyone climbing standard are net decking the top ranked decks in the meta. How else are you supposed to climb with a homebrew deck if you are facing against very efficient, valued oriented decks that can edge you out of the game quicker? Or aggro decks that can win the game by turn 5 or 6?

I agree, sometimes the deck can be bad, And sometimes the person piloting the deck may not be efficient or good at it. But in a way, it is the meta’s fault in forcing people to play net decks.

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By making a good deck. That was their whole point.


Yea, by being forced to net deck lol. Your homebrew can only get so far, that was my argument.

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Home brewers may build a deck of their own, potentially successful after some testing. However, a top player will build a deck that is crowd sourced tested by thousands. Home brewers are at an inherent disadvantage because it is simply impossible for a single player to do testing anywhere close to that of thousands.

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I mean, you’re welcome to disagree, but you would be wrong.

There are lots of people on this board who do exactly this - ride homebrew to legend each month. The only difference is that they are actually good at making decks.

Melphina comes to mind as someone who is perfectly capable of doing this and has proven so in the current month. Their deck also is becoming a meta deck because it’s effective… meaning others will either imitate it or come to the same answers on their own.

This is demonstrably false even in the small group of posters on this forum.

No, it isn’t. If you made better decks it wouldn’t matter.

And you missed my entire point:

While YOUR homebrew only gets so far, there are other players here that get to legend with their own deck lists.

Those players aren’t complaining about the meta because they are beating it already.

To be clear, I am not one of those people. I know those people. They never complain about net decks.

Those players are also an extreme minority.

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Many streamers are good deck builders. When they make a good deck it becomes net deck.

Basically net decks are homebrew decks that perform best.

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One of the skills I lacked was playing everything out. It wasn’t easy, but I did eventually learn just to play the game until you are in fact dead or win. Found my win rate with multiple different decks go way up after making this adjustment.


Been enjoying playing the expansion a lot, but yea the meta kinda sucks right now.

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I’m having a ton of fun with a “crappy” highlander DH homebrew. And I’m slowly but steadily climbing. Don’t really care what rank I hit. Still just having fun with the deck. Only matchups where I don’t really enjoy are dragon druid and plague DK, but thats just counters to my deck so it is what it is. Still get a dose of dopamine every time I somehow squeak a win against those decks though. You should try highlander DH it’s actually pretty fun. Can share my decklist with you if you’d like.

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How to beat control decks in hearthstone :smile:

I agree. My first few days were entertaining and I thought they nailed it. Then I realized I was scammed.

Power creep. Rock paper scissors. The game is either play an aggro style or play for luck.

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Snake is still ridiculous

The biggest issue in the game right now is Paladin and I do not know how it gets solved because there is not one or two cards causing their issues.

The whole set of cards that they have is just so good together that they can continue to spam cheap minions and then apply powerful buffs. The list of buffs is long and access to piles of token bodies is what the class does.

I do not see them nerfing half a dozen paladin cards, but that seems like what needs to happen to bring them back in line with other things. And then as soon as we do that, what other broken decks emerge just in time for the long holiday when we do not expect much attention to balance?

Edit: Keeper’s Strength was a terrible design decision for a class that lives on cheap buffs and damage from the board. It makes taunt relatively useless when you can spray 16 damage to the rest of the minions for four mana. Paladin now has everything.


-20 characterz