This has to be one of the most unfun metas ever

What is the counterplay to druid ramping to turn 10 while we’re on turn 4?

What is the counterplay to a rogue on turn 5 dropping well on turn 5 and using 2-3 coins? It’s too early for anybody to do anything against that

Warlock’s ridiculous snake

Paladin having a million divine shield board floods

Everything is just so uninteractive and if you don’t draw the perfect answer at the perfect time there’s absolutely no coming back. Games are ending on turn 5 against decks that aren’t even aggro decks it’s insane. Hopefully they have some massive nerfs coming up though idk how they thought half of these cards should’ve made it to live


Ive been having a blast playing the new expansion


Im so bored of decks that play a 3 drop then spam a bunch of 0 and 1 drops (old ghost rogue and now current naga dh). That game design should be banned from further iterations of hearthstone.

Lets not forget the disaster that was the snake warlock.

The highlander decks are sort of fun but they’re overshadowed by the insipid burn decks that infest the game.

They’ve gone way overboard with the removal options in this game and from hand damage. Miracle salesman (the 1 mana 2/2 that gives a 0 mana damage spell that gets sif bonus) is a headscratching design decision for a game that already has enough from hand burn.


For me, Naga DH is the main play pattern outlier. Druid is kinda ok but the Dragon Golem can blow out a lot of decks too easily. Aside from that, I’m really enjoying the expansion. I’m stoked that Mage’s excavate stuff turned out to be far stronger than it looked, this deck is so much fun.


And what deck are you playing, pray tell?

Im not playing a deck, im playing the game itself

Obviously Paladin, since he is having fun and avoiding the question.


I am playing wild big paladin, by which i use frontlines to cheese out really big stuff, cheezus can give you the decklist, im going to sleep

Blizzard seems to have neglected that most board wide AoE’s aren’t available right now, so if you use one you’re pretty much out of the game since Druid can just get another million of those golems.

Reno (which has to be in a singleton deck) and Twisting nether/sargereus (both on warlock) are practically the only thing left in the game to deal with boards like that. Especially if they have over 5 hp since most AoE’s don’t go that high

It feels a lot like stormwind, very fun for the person piloting the deck and curving out, extremely unfun for the other person


This is the worst meta I’ve ever personally experienced.


I wonder how many players concede prematurely to the golems because they don’t have an AoE, instead of just picking the board apart as best they can with their minions and spells, and clearing it up later. From what I’ve seen spectating lower ranked players on my friends list, it’s a lot.


Just hit legend with Naga DH, my WR D10-Legend was 60%. With 40% matchups being aggro paladin. Not like I’ve never hit legend before but not this easily.

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I like this comment because it’s absolutely true. I often find myself conceding prematurely when it appears that my opponent has already won as they have a wide and or very powerful board. When I don’t concede, I see many of these matchups are indeed winnable.

Great advice, @MoonUnit. :+1:


This is the most ridiculous meta I have ever seen so far.

Literally The power creeping reached to end of galaxy.

Dh- is able to spam naga
Paladin- overpower you with buffed divineshield minions
Mage- With secrets it will not let you play minion or spell
Hunter- will kill you with exceed damage in one turn.
Druid- full board with 4/5 minions and power creep dragons at turn 7
Warrior- can deal 44 face damage in a turn with new minataur deck
Rogue- continuously can spam ogres and legendaries 5 turn non stop despite that it loses that is how crazy powercreeping became.

Priest and shaman have reno I didn’t face them that much yet.
DeathKnight- Plague became more viable but it is okay compared to other classes.

Right now people enjoys the new cards but This is not bearable for players in long term.

I am amazed how every time they are able to increase powercreep bar after each expansion. I mean what is the end of this? you will get minions with 999999 stats and 5 million armor or something lol.


I’m actually having fun with this meta, but I am not trying to play a crappy reno homebrew so maybe that’s a factor.

There are a whole bunch of decks doing well right now. After paladin gets kicked in the teeth the meta should be great.

did you read the post above you?


I average about 3 weeks and then burnout kicks in.

Yes, but the level of ignorance in the post was such that I just chuckled and moved on.

As I read it, the tl;dr is that the person doesn’t actually like the game anymore so no one else is allowed to have fun, and that’s a pretty lame take.

Did you read mine?

This is usually the ultimate source of the most recent salt - bad players’ bad decks are bad.

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I can’t lie i am really liking this meta outside of a few cards i hope they address. I say this playing Reno Shaman and having a blast.