This "Book of..." Trend is Disappointing

Hearthstone is supposed to be a deck building game. No one comes here for “captivating stories” or however Blizzard is selling this trash. Premade decks with incessant (and forced to listen to) talking is a huge shame.

Give me another proper Advenure, or even more, another Dungeon Run style. Heck, I’d even pay for them. I don’t care, just stop shoe-horning in content that misses the mark completely of what this game should be about.


Yeah, same.
I’d rather see the mercenaries clash against horrors and rivals, recruiting allies (other mercenaries) and finding treasures to the endgame:
Already thinking of Roame faceoff, DH vs mage, priest vs shaman, hunter v warrior, rogue v druid…

I agree. I was disappointed by it. I thought the mercenary game mode was gonna be more like a “Slay the Spire” type game mode

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If they made the duels actual duels (actually random card draws, some special exceptions are fine where the deck has a special card part of the story, but no more than that) I would actually be fine with the Book Of series.

However, while I absolutely hate Dungeon Run, if they made it work like the Book Of series (losing a duel doesn’t restart the run (infinite retries), but you can still retire manually in case your drafts were just too horrible), I would be interested in giving that a try.