There is one nerf that will make paladin fun again

Hello, Diamond 10 here. Peaked at Diamond 7 for January and I don’t think I am going to try for climbing anymore this month. I just played a game against a Paladin deck. The annoying thing about the meta right now is that I don’t have to specify which paladin deck. You already know. When the miniset first came out I saw this as an awesome opportunity to play Mech paladin. So I created my own list for it and climbed using that but I kept running into a pally mirror match and would lose to it most of the time, I had a few hands that were just too good to lose. I have said this card needed to get nerfed back when it came out because you feel dumb if you don’t play and it’s boogie down. If you don’t know what the card does it lets you summon two 1 cost creatures from your deck with taunt if you play it on the finale. Now this card has needed a nerf for a bit of time but paladin has not been running all over the meta like it is now. The best nerf to the card while still keeping it viable to many other decks is to remove the holy tag on it. Removing the holy tag would slow down the ramp to 10 mana being spent on holy spells. This deck would still be viable but it allows the opponent to at least have maybe an extra turn against it if boogie down is played. If your hand is good enough you can win by turn 6 or 5 going first if it extended to turn 7 then this gives a multitude of decks the option to use a control spell or board wipe. Nerfing the cards that just came out in the miniset is only going to weaken the other paladin options. Please nerf boogie down coming from a paladin player because I feel dumb not playing it right now. The card is to good that deck is to aggro to not lose. Even with the holy tag being removed boogie down is still a good card being able to summon 2 minions with taunt from your deck turn 2/3 is super good. This nerf also slightly buffs people who play the watcher of the sun by lessoning the chance of getting this card which most likely doesn’t work well with whatever deck they built.

Now I don’t know the best nerf to fix the druid deck because I don’t play druid very much if you all know a good nerf for druid let me know.

TL/DR… Take the holy tag off of Boogie Down.