The "Restless Reader" Achievement (solved)

The “Restless Reader” achievement – in its final step to read 40 lorebooks in the solo adventure mode “Book of Heros – Faelin” – is not achievable. Several reports in Hearthstone forums and on other platforms addressed this issue. It exists now for one and a half year (since Faelins chapter and its achievements released alongside with the first expansion in 2022). Not just that it remains unsolved for such a long time, it is also not even mentioned from an official side that they are aware of this and will try to solve it.

I have not done this myself but it should be fixed now

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You’re probably right. I haven’t heard any official statement or noticed it in the patch notes, but it seems that after patch 27.2 it should be possible to get the missing lorebooks that were previously bugged.

I will check it out! Thanks for the reply.

Excuse me, but how do you know it’s fixed? Bc if its INDEED fixed I’ll go do it too!
Plz tell me where u get that info.

Read 40 lorebooks - #286 by Kordyon-1814 This thread has been going for like a year and toward the end of it people start being able to reach the achievement. I haven’t made it to 40 yet but can confirm I have found many of the lorebooks that were impossible to get before.

Thanks to a very good guide on reddit, I made it to 40 lorebooks. Google for “Finally possible to get 100% Adventures achievements!”

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