The most honorable guy in Hearthstone

I mean this as an ongoing topic.

But let me be the first:

The guy devoured my fatty minions ( all 3 of them) putting him/her at like 27/27… and he conceded immediately thereafter.

What I noble move!!!

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What’s noble about it?

Nobility is in the eye of the beholder

I don’t believe he conceded because he was ashamed of playing a card that he put in his deck to play, & then waited to play, until it was “ripe”. He probably got called away by someone, or something, in the real world & politely conceded rather than just quit.


I dc’d in arena and when i came back my opponent was roping his turn until i greeted, he greeted back and we continued playing, he hadn’t attacked or developed his board in the turn i missed

Later I had lethal on my turn, showed it to him, said thank you and conceded. He deserved that win


I wouldn’t be complaining, because the player could have beaten you. On the other hand, this is a great topic. Showing people that there are people with honor.

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I am not complaining.
I do believe it was an honorable thing to do. And I do wish I can make moves like that (which I for the most part cannot do).


Wholesome matches are the best.


Something like that I am talking about.

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What a lad … cheers to that guy


My faith in humanity slightly increased today. My regret is I only have one upvote to give.

You realize it took longer to click “options, concede” than it would have to click the minion and finish op and win the game, right?

Op is right on this one.


Sorry, I have a difficulty reading peoples’ emotions online.