The impact the Kabal Lackey nerf has on Solo Adventures

I will first start off by saying that the nerf was highly anticipated as a wild player who would continuously run into secret mages who would just Lackey into Rigged Fair Game on turn 1 and then things would only escalate from there, and to that i say good riddance, though i wasn’t expecting that a nerf like this would have such an impact on the Solo Adventures. As i was being nostalgic i realised that i haven’t finished Tombs of Terror on Heroic and wanted to give it a try. i remembered that Reno had a fun secret synergestic deck that i wanted to play again to see how it would faire against the heroic bosses. It was then when i realised that the lackey was not only a staple in that deck but it was the most important card for survivability alongside the Arcane Flakmage. The nerf to Kabal Lackey made Reno’s secret deck archetype obsolete and completely invalid as i was struggling to get past the first bosses and i would lose against Ermavar even in the normal run. The nerf also eliminated the Lich King’s interactions with Counterspell and Mana Bind. i just hope the developers will do something about this. i don’t know if they can revert the changes only for the solo adventures but i remain hopeful