The damage cap in BG needs to be completely removed

I’m not sure why they changed it, but it only made the mode worse than it was even with the initial cap.

It’s literally the same design fails in standard are now on full display in BGs and it’s downright awful.

You don’t need to give people more health, you need to remove the mana cheating and balance the mode.

Anomalies don’t mask the fundamental issues that exist in the mode right now, which got worse with damage cap and are just stupid now.

My last three games that I haven’t gone first place, I should have lethaled the person that eventually eliminated me before their uber greed ever had a chance.

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At first I thought it made sense, but it also hurts the reverse side.

For example, let’s say there are 5 people left and you are 5th. You have 2 health. 4th place has 16. You now have to survive 2 full battles to have a chance at getting 4th when that 4th place would have taken 20+ damage and you would secure your 4th place.


The anomalies have amplified something that didn’t happen often before. That being players getting hit for 16+ damage on very early turns. I believe that change was directly influenced by the anomalies unfortunately due to big damage early being fairly common. Oh and yes it’s a very dumb idea because it just encourages players to tier rush for fear of not getting eliminated early on.


I played someone today who just set their board up to farm gold, blood gem stats, and units. I should have hit them for thirty on turn 8. They won on turn 13 with the biggest board I have seen all day.

It only happens because they exploited the fact that they KNEW with certainty that they could not die until their health went below 16 or they were already top four.

That just shouldn’t be the case. If that’s what they think the game should be, I don’t want to play that.


This exact kind of play is why if i see even a small opening for a possible scam build i am all in on it. Scam has become quite popular at the higher ranks and i know some top players really hate it and the damage cap change.

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I mean, don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Scam is ideal when you can get it… but now that there’s no risk, well, have at it!

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is removed post-anomalies. However, getting hit for double digits in early turns due some anomaly garbage makes it feel like the lesser of two evils between having it and not having it. However, they did mention with those notes they are willing to revert if necessary, so if they are, I would imagine that will happen within weeks of its iteration.

I do want the 15 dmg cap before anyone is killed to remain, tho


There used to be a damage cap of 15 before turn 10 was it? And then it was changed to after someone died which didn’t work because it counted when someone disconnected or quit at the start. Then it was completely removed. I forget the timeline of how they tweaked it but it should have never been removed because games still ended way too early even before anomalies.

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Games should end early when your board sucks. I have no issues with getting killed when I didn’t play well.

It was changed to last to turn 8 or someone died, whichever was later.

Now it is until top four and people are exploiting the heck out of it in higher lobbies. It’s not really fun to have every board be greedy scam bullspit.

The real problem is the lack of specialized fast builds and heroes in BG.

As it is people have no idea on how much you gonna get hit and then people get mad at highrolls.

But if Minions and heroes that deal extra damage existed then planning ahead would be the norm.

In other words stuff like:

A hero that passively deal extra damage for each minion it has alive.

Maybe a hero that kills undependant of how much health you have if you lose to him with something like:

10 Gold
Your hero gain poisonous to heroes until next turn.

Reality is that people wanting to slow down BG cry so loud that blizzard never really tried to implement heroes and builds who the strategy is to not let enemies reach the lategame by nature.

If those existed highrolls could be just taken out of the balance spectrum and be nerf instead of mechanics like the damage cap existing.

Your idea is the literal worst suggestion I have ever seen about BGs ever. Like, holy moly do you clearly not play the mode or not play it well enough to comment.

Like Cramer has more insight than your take.

The real problem is the gold cheating and earlier access to higher tier minions.

You used to have to triple into a minion or luck into it with shifter. Now you can manufacture them through multiple means.

It has never been easier to scam gold in this game for everyone, not just the heroes that scam gold.

Just like mana cheating in standard, this creates massive non-games.

As I said in the op, the problems in bg are the exact same issues people have with the powercrept mana cheating in standard.


It’s the same solution standard and wild give to the issue.

Reality is that the wet dreams some have of some sort of Dev crusade against mana cheating will never happen.
Not for lack of competence but because they’re competent enough to know it will hurt the base if done.

You have no idea what you are talking about. None.

They added a damage cap in standard to stop turn four lethal? Because that’s what they decided to to do in BGs.

It’s as if they made a rule in standard that no player can die before turn 10… that’s completely dumb and people would stop playing because that’s a different game, but that’s what we now have in BG.

The people who like it? The people that you always castigate in these forums as having “skill issues.” That’s exactly who the damage cap was made for.

I’m not shocked that you don’t see that here though, because I have a strong suspicion you have “skill issues” in BG that you don’t have in contructed modes.

Many of the anomalies have some crazy hero combo’s where you can start doing an excessive amount of damage around turn 5. The weird part about this is that they have started banning such heroes from certain anomalies. So why not return the damage cap back to where it belongs if they are are removing the problem heroes? Doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense since building early is a poor strategy in most cases now and tier rushing is far more preferable.

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This is an example of a comment that shouldn’t be considered against the rules. That’s because you’re talking about an idea.

These are examples of comments that are against the rules and should be against them. There is no place for insults like these.


Best anomaly so far for me is the one that doesnt let anyone tier up on their own, every 2 turns its done for you and it happens fairly for all. I LOVE this anomaly, as there is no ability for people to race to the end tiers by doing the crazy “imma spend all 10 gold for this turn to go to the next tier for the next 3 turns in a row and wreck everyone” gamble.

The game in this anomaly is more well rounded, paced, and isnt too long nor over too quickly. I wish this wasnt the anomaly but was the normal way the game operated. I know there will be those that will say they’ve never read such insanity as that or that would make the game blah blah blah…

Its the best format of the BGs in its current form is what Im getting at. Give it an honest shot with your expectations bar recalibrated to “ive never played this before but I wanna do well, here goes nothing” mentality. Dont carry in your baggage of a bar so high that its all the way on Olympus Mons compared to your average limbo bar. You only gonna be a Debbie Downer no matter what changes they make. Its like how I got my buddy to not be so toxic and hostile to the Disney Star Wars movies. I told him to go in with the bar of “these are fanfilms, made by fans, with a serious budget, but its just a fanfilm.” and he was able to enjoy them for what they were and no toxic arguments ever ensued over them again. Its that old “suspension of disbelief” thing from theater and ancient Greece I think? Socrates? Plato? Danny DeVito? IDK.


I actually like that one, too.

I get why you like it though, takes out something you’ve said you struggle with.

I wouldn’t be upset if they made it this way, either. It would take some redesign to hero powers, but it would basically make the damage cap a moot issue.

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Gotta agree with this one. Economy is key. Why do you think Gallywix has such low armor? Millhouse?

I know a lot of the minion economy power is in the later tier whether it’s the minion itself or a combination, but it’s kinda nuts how many economy minions there are these days.


Wouldn’t that just be a high roll just through other means? Honestly i liked the whole season before the armor change. Sure it prevents some outlier high rolls from destroying you but taking a 15 early is still REALLY bad. I just don’t see the point in armor cap staying till top 4.

There’s also the economy anomalies.

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I call them economalies.