The cheaters in Battlegrounds have got to stop!

Before the shield is even gone and we have 9 or just made it to 10 gold total these player have 3-5 gold tier 5 or 6 with 30-90 on them. There is no way these players are getting enough gold to even achieve this even with buddies. I cant even get to 10 gold half the time because they kill me before the shield even stops. This is not just 1 or 2 players it’s 6 of the 8 players doing this.


There are in fact many ways to get a tier 5 or 6 minion well buffed by that time. Faceless diciple, Patient scout, galakrond’s buddy, Runetotems buddy and so on …

Do you have some images? I’m sure it’s possible to get these with the right lobby, heroes etc.

You’ve found your skill ceiling. Start playing differently, question previous turns, plan out farther into the game while also being prepared to totally ditch your strategy for a decent flip, remember health is also a resource (sometimes you’re gonna take a hit to make progress), and the most important thing = Economy, Economy, Economy.

The best comps right now are versions of Menagerie unless you highroll some early T5/6 minions for a specific tribe. The best heroes these days are anything with Economy as their strength.

Pay attention to those six players. How could they get that far in such a small amount of turns? It’s not cheating.

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I remember someone else that tried using economics as their weapon… His name was Ra’s al Ghul. :bat:

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Hearthstone’s time has come. Like Hex or Gwent before it, the game has become a breeding ground for corruption and power creep. It is beyond saving and must be allowed to die.


I’ve probably seen a Patient Scout on the field twice in the last month. The Scout/Disciple flip just doesn’t happen and never works even when they try.