TFW you dirty rat Rheastrasza

And the druid finds another one.

Feels bad man…

Hopefully they change this next balance patch lol

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I’m pretty sure that this is unintended. I don’t think you’re supposed to be able to find another purified nest or Rhea.
I’m not exactly sure how it is supposed to work. I know folks are finding second Rheas from the nests, which I think is an exploit.
Don’t quote me though.
I don’t think Greed Druid needs second copies of the greed nest.

It’s not an exploit, but it is a bit of an issue with the general game rule of “cards can’t generate themselves.”

Rheas technically isn’t doing that. The nest is the thing generating the dragons, so the limit doesn’t apply.

It probably should be adjusted so that it can’t create more of her though, as even though it’s two steps, she is still kind of generating more of herself.


I mean, that solves it - just take it out of the pool.

Now if we can get more tech to remove things like nest…

Like, say, a Reno Hero card or something…

I thought I read somewhere that a dev confirmed it was a bug? Now I need to go check again

Not to mention this was supposedly patched to reflect that:


No, I said more tech. The only current options are play highlander or play sarge.

I don’t want anything to do with Reno or decks that include him. I wouldn’t play highlander if they were the only viable decks in the format. I think the entire concept is dumb.

I don’t mind warlock, but having to find one 9 cost to stop endless value is not great.

I’m not opposed to the nest, but they need to make better counter play to nest and portal.

Oh. Wait for the mini set then, I’m sure we’ll start having 2 mana poofs in no time.

I don’t share your optimism.

I would like some sort of “clear a space on your opponent’s board” that would delete whatever was there - portal, dormant minion, minion, location… just a generic universal removal tool.

Poof. You want a poof.

That’s not a nice thing to say, though.

I want a single target removal that removes whatever target.

did you all forgot to read the OP…he isnt complaining about the nest

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Schyla already addressed that its a bug.

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tfw you dirty rat Rheastrasza and the druid finds another one … but you are playing a combo deck so you couldn’t care less because the card is the weakest of the dragon package.

Boreas being the most aware here, I was typing the same thing … OP isn’t referring to the nest at all, how has this turned into a bug report thread xd

Meaning it was created by Dragon Tales or something, so what is OP’s argument actually … that Rheastrasza shouldn’t be generated through any means

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I have seen this multiple times.

I wouldn’t mind it being removed from that pool, too.

I wouldn’t mind either but it would be a bit silly

Purified Nest being unable of discovering it though is fair … and fixed.

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as far as i know all the other highlander cards can be generated
no reason to change that now

This one is up there with dragonqueen alex, imo. I would like to see it not be generated.

dragonqueen can be generated by any other card