Temporarily Disabling Heroic Duels

Hey everyone,

We’re temporarily disabling Heroic Duels due to an unforeseen issue. We’ll provide an update here as soon as Heroic Duels are back online.

Update 2/1: Heroic Duels are back online! Thanks for your patience.


Any informations why or how long it will take?

Fixing the deathstalker bug? Tired of restarting the game every time I play it. Haven’t lost while playing on PC but on android there is no way my turn wouldn’t be roped before I could restart and rejoin the match.

would like to stream hope it gets fixed soon

Like your Streams and YT :slight_smile: thanks for beeing one of the only Duels streamer

any idea how long it should take?

I bet the problem was a third person tried to join in and that crashed the servers!