Tavern Brawl and Felfire Festival Quest Hotfix

Hey all,

We’re in the middle of deploying a small hotfix that will address the following bugs.

  • Fixed an issue where having the Burning Rage Hero Power in the Outlandish Burndown Tavern Brawl would cause Illidan to transform upon death, instantly causing the opponent to lose.
  • Fixed an issue with the Happy Felfire Festival Quest where rewards were not being received. If you’re still missing these rewards after completing the Quest, they will now be automatically granted upon login.

This fix will take place on the server side, so you won’t need to download anything if you’ve updated your client to 17.4.

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When is this fix going to be completed???

Is the bug where players are not getting a new deck after losing being fixed?

If you get a terrible deck and experience the bug, there’s no way to get rid of the deck.
Cannot even repick a new.

Even after the hot fix for the Felfire festival, I still have not received the rewards from the quest. And when I attempt to drop it, it says if I do, I will forgo any rewards for that quest chain. Please fix if possible. Thank you


did you try completing it ? seems you were expecting to be autocompleted after the fix


I still have issue with the quest, i play a lot of games and I still don’t have the credit for the quest. :disappointed:

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The issue with demon hunter is still happening. I played 3 rounds with it. The third time when I finally lost, I did some damage to the opponent.

After the hot fix yesterday the Fellfire Festival quest “Play 4 games in Trials by Fellfire Challenges” is still not tracking my progress. I stays on 1/4 games


And I’ve been running out of adventure for a long time, but I haven’t received the rewards of the second week.

Still happy felfire festival ^^play 4 games in trial by felfire challanges^^ 0/4
Pls help! Version 17.4.49534

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make sure you play the challenges and not the adventure, they are two different things


This - I made the same error when the quest was released.
Pressing the AoO Adventure “Button” in the Soloplay window opens up 3 parts:

  • the Prologue - Illidan’s story, deck provided
  • Alanna’s Adventure - deck provided
  • Challenges (skull icon) - you’ll have to use a deck pre-constructed from your own cards

The Quest asks you to play against a boss from challenges 4 times, you don’t need to win.

Happy Demon-slaying

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I still can’t Complete the quest and didn’t receive the autocomplete! Still have the quest and I can’t get the new one from this week. Anyone know how to fix or pass-through this problem

Hi, it’s 5.07 and the quest is still not completed for me - should I complete the whole story? I stopped after 2nd chapter.

Are you playing the story mode with Aranna? That’s the wrong one. You need to play the Challenges mode with the red skull icon. If the first encounter isn’t against Doom Lord Kazzak, you took the wrong door.

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I still don’t understand what and where do I need to click so I can finish this fellfire challenge. The Tavern Bralw is over. Did I need the tavern brawl to complete it ? Because I still have the Fellfire Challenge and it isn’t completed and I need someone to tell how to do it !

Go to “Solo Adventures” -> Choose “Ashes of Outland” -> There should be three options: “Prologue,” “Story,” and “Challenges.” Click that third one (“Challenges”) and play 4 of those. Boom, quest done.

Sorry , I am a dumm , hearth reaction for you

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