Tarecgosa Temporarily Disabled in Battlegrounds

Hey all, we’ve identified an issue with Tarecgosa which is causing crashes in Battlegrounds. We’re temporarily disabling the minion while we investigate a solution to the problem. We’ll update here when we have more information.

9/23 Update: We completed our investigation and addressed the issues causing the crashes. Tarecgosa has been added back into the minion pool. We don’t anticipate any further related issues, but will update here if we do.



I haven’t had a crash and I have won first with her twice in the last two hours, lol.

That’s cuz everyone else but you crashed…


I still can use it?? Just finished a game with it lol

Welcome GnomeSayin to the Forums! Thanks for the update. :+1:t3:

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Well this explains why I haven’t seen it going for Dragons all freaking day lol. Dragons are kind of trash late game without Tarecgosa.

With Tarec gone, you can see the impact. Dragons don’t have a midgame without it.

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