Tamsin vs Bolvar Fordragon....WTF


I was enjoying book of mercenaries.

Then I got to encounter 7/8 of Tamsin’s Story.

WHYYYY Blizzard. WHY.

I have been here for ******* 52 attempts (Yes I counted) trying to get the right cards to finish this stupid story. Every other story I did was fine. No problems, really enjoyed it. BUT THIS!? Not once did I get doom in hand either. I pull more spells than demons. and when you need to clear the board to protect him you cant because it kills him too.

Auto hero power, pulling 4-5 minions from the deck which have health buffed by +3 AND ON TOP OF THAT, Stormwind champion, buffing the crap out of everything AND a Tyrion giving the AI a 5/3 weapon and the stupid arcane missile spam and the deck you give is full of spells which are more detrimental to you than your opponent.

Even your own minions you play are set up to kill your own stuff and you. WHY.

This is not a challenge, this is torture. This is not fun at all.

How the F are you supposed to complete this monstrosity…?

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