Swampqueen's blessing + Illidan = Game Crash


Swampqueen’s blessing on a 0 cost and Illidan being in play causes the game to crash and force the player to have to restart Hearthstone where you resume the match.

I used Swampqueen’s blessing as a win condition; however, it forces the game to crash only when that occurs. I feel a solution to this is for Swampqueen to take priority over everything except secrets.


Blizzard has already acknowledged this as an issue:


That was buried, but thank you for linking me to the correct thread. :slight_smile:


No problem, I visit this forum regularly and pay close attention to any official response, so I can help other find the information. This issue has just been added to the sticky “known issues” thread too, at the top of this forum. Fingers crossed that a resolution is coming soon!