Suggestion for Hearthstone: Card Testing Mode

Dear Hearthstone Design Team,

I hope this email finds you well. As an avid player of Hearthstone, I have a suggestion that I believe could enhance the game experience for players.

Proposal: Card Testing Mode In this new game mode, players would have the opportunity to construct decks using cards from all classes. The primary purpose of this mode would be to allow players to test out various ideas, combos, and strategies that exist only in their minds. By battling against the Innkeeper with these custom decks, players can explore creative synergies and refine their strategies.

Key Features:

  1. Class-Agnostic Deck Building: Players can freely mix and match cards from different classes to create unique decks.
  2. Innkeeper Battles: Players can test their decks against the Innkeeper, providing a controlled environment for experimentation.
  3. No Ranked or Rewards: This mode would be separate from ranked play and would not offer rewards. Its sole purpose is to facilitate testing and creativity.

I believe that implementing a Card Testing Mode would not only engage existing players but also attract new ones who enjoy theorycrafting and exploring unconventional deck ideas. It aligns with Hearthstone’s spirit of innovation and adaptability.

Thank you for considering this suggestion. I appreciate the hard work you put into making Hearthstone an incredible game, and I look forward to seeing how the community responds to this idea.

Best regards, zhangyisui

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This is a great idea and doesn’t seem like it would take much development work.