Store unavailable

No store for more than a week. Can’t give you my gold/money if I can’t use your store Blizz. :smiley:


Some acknowledgement from Blizz would be nice. It’d be cool to be able to play Arena again.

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No store, no arena since Blizz got rid of duels.
The answer ? Get a PC…

" Hearthstone Shop Closed on Mac Devices after Patch 29.2
We are aware of an issue in which the Hearthstone Shop is closed on Mac desktop devices after patch 29.2. While we work to quickly resolve the issue, please try to complete the purchase on either a PC or mobile device."

When could we fix this issue? The shop is closed and we could not go into arena!

Was afraid of this type of **** with Microsoft taken over. Although I thought they’d still like to take money though before they dumped Mac. Hope they prove me wrong. looks@MicroBLIZZsoft

thing is window users as far as I have seen are also having the same issue. and if they decided to shut done HS on Mac that would be horrible for them an us. not only would they lose more money but they would have millions of people talking about it on twitter which will kill their rep. but I doubt if Microsoft has control they even care because they have more money then anyone they are even building an “ai data center” in wisconsin.

might I make a sad note you can buy all the packs for real money in the blizzard shop. I think Microsoft is doing like they did with Minecraft forcing people to spend money rather than leaving it as it was.