Stealth nerf or announced but missed?

So i just decided to play my Wild Burgle Rogue deck and I used to use 2 lotus agents to boost my Cutlass durability, they were decent since each one gave 2 durability.

Not anymore apparently multi-class cards don’t count as other class cards anymore, so did i miss a nerf announcement or did Blizz just slip it in there with out warning?

PS: NVM just saw it, “Bug fix” yeah right, it’s a nerf

but those are rogue class cards …

They are actually tri-class cards, considered Rogue, Druid and Shaman cards at the same time.
For a long time there was a bug that caused Rogue cards with a “from a different class” effect to consider these from a different class (due to either the Druid or Shaman tag). This bug went mainly undetected because the relevant cards could only be combined effect in Wild, and these decks were not popular enough to get on the radar.
But recently the rules for Arena have changed, and now this bug started becoming very visible and very annoying in Arena. That’s why the hotfix was pushed.