Standard Legend Ladder Ranking Issue

Same. Is this a bug? If not there haven’t been any announcements regarding new legend ranking system

same here, i am staying between 75 -76

my take is no one has addressed this really. Probably wont fix it until next month if we are lucky.

Can we maybe get some information about this?
Can’t be that hard to make a post about it, right?


How has there not been an update!?

My theory is that the MMR has already been deployed but on the original ranking system.

but then it kinda makes no scence that i lose ranks while i have a 4 wins streak facing people on higher ranks.

Same issue here. Maybe Blizzard wants us to play some troll decks. XD

Same problem, Won 3 games in a row, lost 1 rank

Happend to me as well. On Europe server. I am around 2800 rank place. Won 4-5 games , but my rank decreased to 2826 after all these games

I am having same issue where I had 65% win rate at legend 1350, but my rank can only go worse even after I won a game.

The issue is not yet addressed, not sure whether Blizzard has noticed this post. Meanwhile I will suggest trying to ask as many legend players to join this thread as possible to draw Blizzard’s attention.

I can’t progress in legend… Blizzard please see this and fix it!

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I won 4 matches in a row and lost 20 ranks

Same here. I got legend after the update (started at around 1150 I think) and the largest gain or loss I’ve seen from a game is 3 places. The last time that happened was the one time I on a lucky win streak and made it to top 25. Even at rank 100 I would typically win or lose anywhere from 5 to 25 places depending on the discrepancy between me and my opponent.

This may now be fixed. Won 2 matches just now and went from 145 to 97.

Blizzard repeatedly stated that their QA staff reads all posts in the bug report forum.

Shortly after you posted, Blizzard announced a fix: 16.6.1 Server Hotfix for Legend Rank Adjustment

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Thanks for the explanation. But what we observed isn’t match what is stated in the post. In the post, it said:

This formula comes with a lower rating movement that happens post-game, which is why Legend players are seeing their ranks fluctuate less after a win or loss currently.

However, what I observed so far is the legend ranking can only go worse or stay at same level, no matter whether we won or lose a game. Is that still considered normal?

Today i was 202 legend , i won 3 games and my rank gone to 235 , is that normal ?

Its definitely still broken. Ashes of outland is out, i just won 4 games in legend and my rank decreased each time. My deck tracker says i am 15-4 in legend and my rank has only decreased. Needs a fix, feeling like my wins don’t earn me anything makes me certainly not want to play the game as much.

So I won 6 games and moved up 100 ranks and then lost a game and got wrecked 200 ranks. What is wrong?