Soul Mirror into 3/1 Silver Recruits

I was playing priest against a quest paladin. They had already finished the quest and were summoning 3/3 Silver Recruits. I had attacked into them leaving them at 3/1 and then casted Soul Mirror expecting to get 1/1 Silver Recruits that would finish them off. Instead I got 1/-1 Silver Recruits that died before attacking. Shouldn’t they keep their health at 1 since they are alive, but just not get the +2 attack buff?

The aura give 2 life, if the aura is removed they died xd

i think we can consider it a bug , in the past if i remember well this was happening with some mechanichs and they changed it.
I remember like Southsea Captain and Stormwind Champion.
A 2-2 pirate buffed to 3-3 , damaged to 3-1 dont dies if Southsea Captain is killed.

I remember the pyromancer - equality combo not clearing board if enemy has murlocs + murlock warleader ( in the past was giving +2+1) .

So in alot of HS interactions , removing aura never killed minions.

But the aura become 3/3, no give +2/+2, so it You copy a damage unit, and in your field the unit is 1/1 any damage counter destroy the unit

Cece is right, unless something else was in play to explain this, it would be a bug.

When buffed minions lose their buff, only the “maximum” health is reduced by the lost amount. The “current” health is if needed adjusted down to the new maximum but not otherwise reduced.
A simple way to see the intended interaction is to watch what happens if Stormwind Champion dies when other minions are at 1 health.

Minions don’t have a damage counter, only remaining health. Anything that gives something -/+X, gives them extra maximum health. So if that maximum health would go down, it still would have its remaining health. Simply put, a buffed out Silverhand Recruit with 1 health remaining would still be a 1/1 when silenced and wouldn’t die because of the silence.