Sorry, you can't post that. Not allowed: [...9...]


To post screenshots on the forum I’m posting them first on my discord server, then I copy paste the URL of the image from discord in a preformated text. That’s a really fast way for me to share images in here.
In the URL discord generates there’s a random number and sometimes, most specificaly when there’s a 9 at one point, the hearthstone forum refuses that I post the URL because the number is not allowed :

This is a screenshot of the error message

and this an example of an URL I can’t post here without splitting it : 54511204/Hearthstone_Screenshot_09-22-23_19.54.20.png

Oh and for a single error at a time the message is “An error occurred: Sorry, you can’t post the word ‘91290545 11204’; it’s not allowed.” (and yes even that line I had to split because it triggered the error)

In the end I can just reupload my file on discord to get another number but would any one know why this is a thing ?

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