So there was this Q and A thread on reddit


Ridiculous. I’ve called them out plenty myself, and was not sparing in my criticism. The incessant, unfounded, or unconstructive whining, on the other hand, I’ll respond to just as unsparingly.


Still i dont get it. Jesse was the only one talking to these forums and still they fired him. What do the other CM do more than him? (No h8 intented)


there are people criticizing the game on reddit too but way less conspiracy theories and people insulting others (lost track of how often people in the forums insulted others because they said they like a class or deck) you probably like those but we dont need them


Speaking of non-constructive feedback on reddit:
-’‘Hey guys i built quel’edar’’ 1000 likes
-’‘We ll miss you (place card name)’’ 500 likes
-Funny arena or match moment 800 like
-Funny streamer moment 380 like

Now dont get me wrong, reddit also has some nice discussions but in all seriusnes one can get more constructive feedback in these forums than reddit.


The Discourse platform doesn’t function that way.


I can assure you all that Mand and myself are far from best buds, anyone on discord will vouch for that, but this is at least somewhat true. He DOES make many callout posts directed at Blizzard for his “grievances” with the game. Its just that, more often than not, his opinion doesnt reflect the general consensus of the forum community, which comes across as “boot-licking” quite often.


IMO, the main issue with bluenames on the forum is that Blizz folks equate blog writing with forum communication. There’s an implicit assumption that everyone on the forum reads all the blogs and that writing a blog is identical to posting the same info on the forum.

The problem is not that bluenames post info on social media - it’s that interactive discussion seems to happen exclusively everywhere except Blizzard’s own discussion forum.

Whether it’s intentional or not, this seemingly intentional refusal to engage with some of the most passionate members of the Hearthstone audience feels both confusing and deliberately “second class”.


Personally i think that they know that if they had to stick out their heads here it would probably be torn to shreds. But is avoiding this forum for that reason any way solve the problem.


Yeah, most often each others’ boots. Just because I actually like the game does not mean I like everything about it or claim Blizzard does no wrong. On the other hand, there’s a sizable group that says that Blizzard can’t do anything right and lies to them, yet still keep playing and posting.

Was the backhanded acknowledgement really necessary, or are you still salty that I dared to disagree with you about Tyrande?


Yes, please make Mand a mod. He’s been a hall monitor here for years and having some semblance of influence/control over others on an internet forum would mean everything to him.

I look forward to climbing the penalty volcano under his steadfast gaze.


Dont make me put you two in a corner.

And take bets.

And ignore the outcome after walking away with said bets.

I should probably be in the corner too.


He has some knowledge. But he can’t handle the great responsibility that comes with it.

The Riddler and Lykotic are the 2 people I listen to the most, then Wardrum.

And “listen” is a strong word.

(Mary Anne Lee) #87

Hey everyone, thanks for your feedback. We recognize that we missed an opportunity here to include the forums for the last AMA. We’ll definitely be extending this to our forum community in the future.


Great! Looking forward to it.

Also, where are the announcements of the AMA dates posted? Will we get a few-days-before announcement here for when they will be held, so we can prepare our questions? Or should we look somewhere else?


Don’t just tell us you’re going to be more attentive. Show us. Can you at least acknowledge why so many of us are skeptical of your promises?


While you’re at it can you bring back the Announcements subforum like what was on the old forums?

Makes little sense to me why it can only be found at which has its own comments section.

Seriously seems like the hall of fame rotation information was intentionally buried while legally disclosed to make sure the least amount of people could see it.


I do applaud your noble goals…

…now let us see if you achieve them.


I swear they keep saying the same thing every time “blabla we"ll listen more” “blabla we’ll be more active” and yet they only come on this forum once every 2 or 3 months


it seems like it’s going to be the case once again.

although it’s still a bit soon


For years the HS devs have preferred a 3rd party site over their own company’s site.