So the nerf did nothing again

All see now is druid or quest warrior on rank so great job blizzard making meta different. I hope marvel snap is better than hearthstone with ben new ccg it would make blizzard maybe change its act.

If the meta slowed down enough for Quest Warrior to be decent again, the nerfs definitely did something lol


Really? All I see is Rogue and Warlock. Send me some of those Q Warriors to farm.

It wont be.

because of this.



How easy people forget that without him Hearthstone wouldnt even exist…

Well that’s not true, it would just be different. He was given the reigns for the project and a team to lead, but he himself did not create the Hearthstone IP. Had he quit a week into it, Donais/Dodds would have kept the project moving.

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All the work and i mean everything for a long time was done by Ben and Dodds theres is no replacing either of them because NO ONE else was working on the game.

Core mechanics ,card design ,balance things present to this day were made by those 2.
Blizzard didnt belive in the project they did , they gutted the team to a 2 man project and only their passion and hard work made the game we all love and play today possible.

The problem with Quest warrior is that whenever I face a Quest Warrior, my card draw and RNG is absolutely horrible. Despite my decks having tools that handily beats Quest Warrior, I NEVER get those tools in my draws and mulligans whenever I face a Quest Warrior

For some reason, Quest Warrior gives the opponent extremely rigged RNG

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Soon as most of the original hearthstone team jumped ship hearthstone went downhill even more. All original hearthstone team now work for ben company and only two I think still with blizzard.

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I’m only messing around. I liked Ben Brode, he was a funny guy.

It’s guaranteed to trigger someone though if you say he was bad.

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Couldnt care less about his likeability all that matters to me is merit and competence and he has those in spades.

Iksar is a far more likeable person in my opinion but im not looking for a person to go out for a drink and laughs.

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Do you think? I’m not sure I agree on that one.

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Yes i do Iksar social skills are far better than Ben.
I have been saying for years that i wish he would move on to a higher up PR post.

Ben is awkward but his talents are on the right place unlike Iksar.

Ben’s ability to talk to a camera was unparalleled, IMO. Everyone else seems like an awkward stranger they pulled off the street to read lines.

Lol sure its not like he created the cringe movement on all reveals present to this day.
The Witchwood reveal was so hard to get to the end lmao.

Fact: if after a nerf your bad deck or your class isn’t tier 1-2, it doesn’t mean the nerf did nothing

Just play casual and have fun without waiting for the patch that makes your deck playable, there is nothing to be ashamed of playing in casual

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What are you talking about?

Before nerfs warlocks are almost 0% of the matchs and now is almost 100%, far from nothing.

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He’s talking about quest warrior, which is back to tier 1 and paladin, which was always in tier 1 and hasn’t changed.

Yeah does anyone else here remember when “likable” Dean retweeted and liked a video by another developer crapping all over player feedback?

I won’t miss him when he’s gone and I don’t expect to see him at another studio when he leaves

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Yeah, Ben Brode felt awkward in a super autistic yet warm way. I get zero warmth from Iksar.


Demon hunter is no longer on top. It did a lot.