So once all quests are done no reason to play?

What it seems like to me.

Why play when xp per battle is horrid. Just seems not worth playing unless you have quests. (which you only get 1 a day).

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You play a game for guest, not for playing the game? That’s weird approach, you are supposed to enjoy the game, rewards are just there to spice it up

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I disagree in a way – Sure you play a game because you enjoy it that is true, but I also need to have a sense of accomplishment which sure you can get on ladder, but that gets boring day after day.

Even in games like ESO or any other MMO many people need a sense of getting something done to feel like they can keep playing.

Just like in all sports the accomplishment is to win or lose not to just play (in most cases).

If you don’t find a game fun, don’t play it!
There’s no-one forcing you.

Well depending how much you play your playtime do reward you with gold. And if you dont waste it you could have 10k gold and buy 100 cardpacks when new expansion comes.

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Same. Grinding through apprenticeship as a returning player sucks when you play against tier 1 decks all the time

Unless you’ve created a new account, returning players only have a set of quests to optionally complete in order to gain their free deck.