Please tell me I’m not alone in this, doesn’t matter if I’m playing cards that shuffle in cards or the other player does they all get drawn in 1-2 turns. Now I only play Duels, but I can’t imagine it’s only an issue there.

Duels decks are generally a lot smaller than regular match decks, at least for the first few rounds. So yes, it would happen more often in duels.

This wasn’t a duels only issue as I discovered. Nor was it unique to the first few games where a few bombs, for example, could run a chance of drawing in a row. But also 6-7 games in where a DK playing Plagued grain would draw all three zombies the following turn, or WArlock Drek would fill his whole board with Fel Rift demons.

Several people abused this mechanic happily, but it was corrected at some point.

And duels decks are BIGGER than normal decks after 4 rounds. :wink: