Shudderblock and Night Elf Huntress Bug

I have played arena as shaman against warrior. I played mini version(1/1)of new shaman legendary card “Shudderblock” in combination with card “Night Elf Huntress”, which deals 3 damage to 3 different enemies and we pick the targets. I targetted 2 minions and enemy hero 3 times,in total combination of 9 damage to each target, but the enemy hero didn’t take a single damage. This is obiviously a bug so kindly check it :slight_smile:

This is not a bug.

If a battlecry is repeated by Shudderblock the battlecry can’t do direct damage to the enemy hero. It says so on the card:

Legendary · Minion · Whizbang

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Shudderblock says the tripled battlecry can’t damage the enemy hero.

So, why would you expect it to damage the enemy hero, when it SPECIFICALLY says that it won’t?

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oh ur right mb,how do i delete this ?

You don’t
It will just sink in the depths of the forum
You can edit the title to indicate it has been solved if you really want