Should forge become an evergreen keyword - i think so

I love this keyword its just as great as the recent keyword tradeable.

I have to give it to the devs the recent string of keywords have been amazing simply amazing.

I want this keyword to be included because it firstly adds a level of complexity to the game as in some games the unforged card is needed to win the game.

I suggested this to a high legend streamer and he said it could open up card design so he could see that i think i remember his words correctly.

What do you guys think :slight_smile:

It’s fine, but certain cards never can exist again…I’m looking at that Priest card that draws and copies…

I think that carded needed to be printed to make Astral Automoton work but it gets used in value alot more i think not sure. but you agree it should stay right ?

I like the Forge Keyword. It’s mana cheat done better than just straight up reducing the cost dramatically. Investing into the card power is just cleaner IMO.


I’m not sure. There are a lot of cards that it makes frustrating or OP. I don’t have faith that the devs will balance it properly. It can always be a problem.

I like the concept, but it may be too tilting if not handled properly.

Well I guess no new evergreen mechanics ever then

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no. Its too easy to get a weapon that gives you FAR too much in minion stats for its cost. Or windfury allowed you to do crazy damage AND armor up. I say this as a warrior main.

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Thanks for adding nothing to the conversation.

Forge is in a unique spot because it’s a pay 2 mana, do nothing upon immediate use, so they had to make it imbalanced to push the new gimmick. You can’t truthfully compare it to any other key word, if you think critically. Though, you seem to be bad at thinking at all and rely on citing other’s work.

I am a rogue main close to 9000 wins i think you can see my avatar is a rogue picture my friend :slight_smile:

I play other classes as well btw but rogue and mage top two faveroute of all time.

They could make cards that need to be forged twice

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If the card was very powerfull then yes that makes sense :slight_smile: but not all cards should be like that then.

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I think the idea behind most keywords is good, but ruined by the cards they print, like, I like discover, but I don’t like when it gives a windfury weapon.

I like forge but I will not enjoy it when they print the priest card: resurrect 3 minions, forge: add a copy for each to your deck.
when they start printing stuff that sends a copy of the forged card to the deck that can be reforged, the keyword is done.

I do like forge and would love to see it as a evergreen.

Ignis however…

I take the mage forge fire spell over the ancient and outdated Fireball any time.

Honestly i’d rate it as a middle of the pack kinda keyword. Not broken, not offensive. I don’t think corrupt and infuse seem like bad candidates to consider here and there either.

Though perhaps not Sire levels or clown levels, but just middle end powers. It could also be interesting to see a infuse card that could infuse based on enemy minion deaths as well.

Like, what if there was a anti aggro aoe card that healed you for each minion you killed, or vice aversa, being discounted, but actually hurting you but at a painful price that was still worth it, turning life into a resource again for warlock/ priest?

Forge itself doesn’t seem like a bad keyword, though perhaps ignis might be a little increasingly more busted with it. Otherwise the keyword itself is kinda neutral for me.

It’s not oppressive, and it smooths out the mana curve and telegraphs. But a lot of the current forge cards lean towards pretty busted effects rn.

Don’t really have a lot of problem with like +2/2 forges or maybe forge to heal 6, or do small side effects you wouldn’t maindeck a card for, but wouldn’t mind as a bonus either.

But i probably wouldn’t want more cloning stealth mechs.

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nah that card is a amazing and would be nice they add it to core eventually
i like copying from my opponents too but copying from my own deck is waay better

and people been asking for priest to copy their own cards for a while
at least thats what i read on several treads complaining about identity theft about how priest should copy their own cards

I prefer to not have New Evergreen keywords despite of how much people like something.

Mechanics are supposed to rotate you know.

I understand whar you mean but like with tradeable it was so good it was added to the game to make cards more flexible and i think this card deserve to be a evergreen as it could lead to more creative cards and it also rewards skilful use of the mechanic like i said good players will know when to forge the card and when to play it for tempo.

What im trying to say is that if they made this evergreen it would enchance standard alot :slight_smile: but adding another layer of complexity i feel.

The problem is that the more you add to “evergreen” the less the game gonna rotate and the game is already not doing a really good job at feeling new after rotation.

Those keywords should be treat as the standard for the creation of a new keyword demmanding new ones to have the same quality or be superior.

Instead they are hold on a pedestal that end justifying new ones not being so good.

No, the logic you used applies to any mechanic.