Shield slam no damage to divine shield


Wondering if this is a bug: I used two shield slams consecutively with intent to remove divine shield and then kill target.

Both shield slams had no effect at all.

Is this intentional?

Because the description is “cause damage to target”. It did not.

Is shield slam a spell? If so, other spells remove divine shield.

The divine shield would absorb the first hit. The second hit would do damage.

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Did you have Armor or Spell Damage minions?

Shield Slam is a spell.

No, I had a mace and 10 health or so. The opponent Paladin had a taunt unit, a 4/2 spellburst unit with the divine shield and another minion or two.

I killed the taunt unit, and send shield slam on the bubble unit…oh dear ancestors, I see that I am not as wise as you!!

This is hilarious. Ok then. Nevermind!!

If blizzard is reading this, may I make a suggestion to add a change to shield slam: cannot be used at all unless you have at least 1 armor up.

Thank you, gentlemen!

That would be a nerf. Currently, when you have spell damage, you can use Shield Slam even when you have no armor, and still do damage (0 for the spell itself, plus whatever spell damage you have).
Also, when random spells get added to your hand as a class that can’t (easily) gain armor, it might be useful to cast it even while doing nothing to make room for other cards. Or to test an enemy secret for Counterspell.