Shelfish camp card is OP

That shelfish camp card thats 7/7 and enemy draws 2 cards is absolutely OP. It needs to be changed or removed. Priest taking full OP advantage over the card

The only thing remotely objectionable about the card is that it can lead to what is basically an OTK, and even that is not powerful enough to warrant changes.

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The only nerf I’d like to see is to make the Deathrattle optional on the opponent (or at least a choice between “draw 2 cards or take a negative effect”). But that is 100% feelings-based on “a 4-mana 7/7 shouldn’t have a positive effect”, as the stats don’t support the deck needing a nerf.

there are just so many ways to counter that card. And you get +2 card advantage!

You cant when priest just abuses silence on it

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if Priest is silencing it the same turn they drop it, you’re talking about turn 7 or 8, where two 7/7 beatsticks aren’t going to turn the game around.

If they drop in on turn 4, there’s a myriad ways to deal with that on your own turn 4.

I must have seen every card in the expansion complained about now.

Me and my wife play “nerf bingo” every time I log on forums and guess what people will be moaning about next.

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Or playing mill, if that’s possible

Everything that is strong under the right conditions doesn’t automatically require being nerfed. People need to learn how to not be sore losers. The deck that employs the Shellfirsh strategy loses to a lot. So what if it gets the miracle game where everything goes right once in a while.