Rogue Packs Server Hotfix

Hey everyone,

We’re planning to deploy a hotfix soon to address a bug where the Maiev Shadowsong Hero portrait would show up in Rogue class packs. You should be able to open Rogue packs again after the hotfix is live. This fix will take place on the server side, so you will not see a download.

UPDATE: The hotfix has been deployed and Rogue packs are now unlocked. We’re planning to distribute a full refund of 400 Arcane Dust later today for players who received the Maiev Hero from Rogue Packs, and 1600 Arcane Dust for players who received the Golden version.


You forgot to add ‘to be available for purchase with gold’.


This may not be relevant, but as a user it’s great to see your team make Heros like Thunder King more accessible, while staying exclusive, by allowing purchase with in-game gold. Whether or not unowned hero skins come to card packs, which would make opening packs even more exciting, I encourage you to review the positive forum experiences and increased engagement as a result of allowing more access to user-customizable options like skins and card backs.


Hi Hearthstone team, I know this was a bug but would you consider hiding some hero’s like this in packs as another way to unlock heroes (future idea)? I would expect drop rates to be super low but how cool would it be to open a pack and have a hero inside!


That’s a great idea man. I really hope you guys will consider this! Man that would be epic. It would also cover the request from @CinnamonBoat !

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