Rewards Track Update

Really? This kind of responses that doesn’t change anything just make me feel angrier than I was before. These problems right now are just the “last straw” of the big picture. As said above, many other things needed to be adressed and it wasn’t.

You are missing it. We are losing it.


Thanks for addressing this Ben; I have some additional concerns regarding the “seasonal events” though:

  • These sound similar to the seasonal events that already existed with legendary quests. The rewards from those were always in addition to normal play compensation, so including them in a discussion about normal play compensation doesn’t seem appropriate.

  • Since one of the goals of the rewards track was to allow players more flexibility in the way they play, it seems odd to tie a significant part of the reward structure into limited time events when some players may not be able to participate.

Thanks again for listening to the feedback and for your thoughtful response.


Sooo, the most heard complain is about the levels in the track requiring to much exp, and Heartstone being more expensive then it ever was. (Espacially since there is a new mini expansion) AND THE ONLY CHANGE: Change the rewards at the end of the track form packs to gold…

This “fixes” such a minor thing that most players WILL NOT BENEFIT from.


Dont forget to take out from quests the requirement to play arena, since it costs gold, same goes for any placement in those game modes, first, becuase how grindy it is, lets say, get second place on Battlegrounds, or play over and over again Duels until you get wins, players that dont like that mode or dont have the card pool feel it as they have to work the game, rather than having fun with it.


I dont care a bit about these sweet talks anymore when you were found out blatantly lying.

Give us data how exactly you aim to fulfil your promise players wouldnt get less gold while playing the same way they were used to play.
If you are using events as a way how to do that, do not forget there were events in the old system too, so I really look forwards to new events to net me additonal 120k exp to award me with same gold like you have promised.


Relying on “seasonal events” to balance out a poorly designed system is terrible design philosophy. What happens if my schedule is busy during the seasonal events and I can’t devote enough playtime to make it worth the while? If my playtime is worth X during every other phase, but during a limited window it’s worth 4X, but I don’t get to play during that quadruple experience window, then that window isn’t helping me at all.

A proper progression system doesn’t rely on time gated bonuses to balance out defeciencies. It should be balanced no matter when I log in to play.


the solution is simple … add the old gold to the missions and give back the 10 gold every 3 victories … and you will see that no one else will fall for this track … this is the minimum if you really want to make us earn more gold. …and I say the least because the changes should be multiple … it is absurd that one spends € 300 and does not complete an expansion (and there are 3 a year lol) also the crafting cost is absurd … this game has a lot of potential but in six years the changes have been minimal and in many cases negative for all of us …
if you want to recover some users try to be more generous … the players will increase and will be more inclined to spend


Oh, so it was intentional after all.


We should get more XP overall for maybe give us 2 daily quest since we have 4 spots to get them in game

The game should be way more cheaper, i would like more refund when i dust legendaries (or any other card probably a 50% refund)or making the cost of crafting them cheaper. And the big bundles should be cheaper.

Also i’ll would like to make achievements in unranked against random players; not against my friends, that would be way to easy for achievements. Also all achievements should give you xp or some sort of rewards, not some useless points. You shouldn’t know when you get achievements before the game ends also, thats unfun.

I would change the profile page to all gamemodes such as unranked because for the most part of my games i dont play them in ranked.


seriously, this is what you came up with?
do you all have an iota of understanding your customers?


The battle pass should not give any forced packs in place of gold. By forcing packs on us instead of gold you are taking away the choice of what we do with the gold. I don’t want an Ashes of Outland pack, I want the 100 gold you are giving me sandwiched around it.

Please either remove the packs, or add 100g or equivalent to the levels where you would get packs so that it doesn’t feel like we are missing out on gold.


So, you do nothing about the horrible grind that this experience structure is, with no real tangible rewards…but you’ll make season events that will give bonus experience…which translates to grind even more during the specified time that you choose…nice.

Oh, and we get extra gold, which still falls short of what we are used to


That’s all? We always expected seasonal rewards. They have always been part of hearthstone. The little bit of extra gold is a joke.

The issue of roping and botting because of the time based xp gain was not mentioned and players in europe not getting daily and weekly quests either.


It’s clear we missed the mark both in how we communicated and implemented the full functionality of this first version of our rewards system. We apologize for the confusion and disappointment we have caused. … We will stay true to our word and ensure that the system lives up to what we all believe Hearthstone deserves.

This is indeed an apology and it is appreciated. The apology must be backed up with actions though, so while the apology is a nice start I will be watching very carefully to see whether it is backed up by actions or whether it is just words.

Our intention was, and still is, to … ultimately ensure players earn more rewards.

Please communicate to the team that it is insufficient to simply “earn more rewards”. The rewards that players earn must be the KIND of rewards that the players WANT. For example, it does me absolutely no good if you give me “more rewards” in the form of packs from old expansions. The rewards that I want are Gold so that I can buy packs when new expansions come out. So if your definition of “more rewards” is at variance with the rewards that players actually want then simply claiming you have given us “more rewards” in the form of stuff we don’t want or need then you haven’t really done us any favors. If it isn’t clear enough, then these “more rewards” need to be in the form of the best currency the game offers … which is GOLD rather than packs, dust, or cosmetics.

We also didn’t provide any details for how events will link into and support the rewards system.

Yes - your rollout has been terrible in the sense that your system is opaque, difficult to understand, deliberately confusing, and hides progression behind multiple layers of currency which over-complicates and confuses people. The old system was simple and clear. The new system deliberately obfuscates. You need to hit a reset button on this and make progression SIMPLE and TRANSPARENT.

We will be providing bonus XP for various activities at each seasonal event every expansion cycle, and any additional bonus events as needed, again with the aim of ensuring that our players obtain more rewards.

While this objective is fine, you must understand that these “conditional rewards” that you MIGHT offer are not satisfying. They are frustrating. It puts millions of players at the mercy of hypothetical rewards that MIGHT come in the future rather than in guaranteed methods that can be counted on and predicted. Bonuses are supposed to be nice SURPRISES. They are not supposed to be things that you use to bring people up to a baseline.

We agree that the pack rewards at the end of the track don’t feel appropriate for the effort it takes to get them.

Yes - that was a massive mis-read. Nice to see you will fix that mistake.

Be aware that the system as it was released may be seen as beneficial to very casual players who hardly ever played … but it was a significant hit to rewards for dedicated casual players and hardcore players. It also has created a sea change in bot farmers who are now roping long games to maximize game experience. This is a bad outcome as well that needs to be addressed.


I realise OP is not ‘the man’ and it’s not his fault, this is not even a half measure. To echo a poster above, seasonal events were always a thing and seperate from regular rewards; to say that will make up the difference on what is being taken from us is, with the greatest respect, complete bs. We have no details on what these additional rewards are, and we might not even be in a position to claim them since they are seasonal.

In short, if you think this is in any fashion an appropriate response you are even wider of the mark than your original implementation of the system, and you’re just digging yourself a deeper hole.

And you wonder why you are losing players in droves. Smh.


Can you actually give us something to do with “Achievement Points”? Spend them towards packs or tavern tickets or XP or something? Just looking at a big number doesn’t exactly feel fulfilling.


Is this system really that bad, now we get 1350 gold instead of 6 packs and everyone said we dont get enough gold, after this update we only miss something like 600-700 gold compared to old system and get much more other rewards that more than compensate that, also they said we get more XP on events and other variety of ways so that means we propably get same amount of gold than before

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Thank you for responding to this issue. It is nice to know that you are listening to our concerns and willing to make the appropriate adjustments.

now we get 1350 gold instead of 6 packs and everyone said we dont get enough gold, after this update we only miss something like 600-700 gold compared to old system

It’s a start … but the math says that dedicated casuals were earning around 3,500 less so it’s only halfway there. Hardcore players I’m not sure how it finally impacts them but I expect there’s still a ways to go.


Apologise for lying. Not for those “miscommunication”. The communication was very well done and on purpose.

The fix is also a pathetic one.