Reska stole bug

So I just encountered interaction that I don’t think should work like that.
I was playing dk vs dk and played dk titan.
Then I spend all 3 of his abilities. The turn after my opponent stole it with his reska and was able to go face with my titan same turn, which result in my loss. I don’t think it should be like that, because as far as I know, titans have rush and not charge.

How would you know that since it’s not written rush anywhere on a Titan ?

yeah the user is true , titans have a hidden rush ( edit: charge ) that enable them to use the action the turn they are played .

For the charge i don’t know , do you remember the titan ?? because some times there are other enablers , like if you steal a beast titan and have "you’r beast have charge " etc. etc.
Another possibility is the minion was stealed on your turn , like you have the Gnome muncher attacking reska at end of turn , reska takes titan at the end of your turn , so is active at the start of opponent turn.

edit: another possibility is some sort of misdirection , like opponent attacked a minion with rush , and attack was redirected to hero face.

mode was standard or wild ?

I know that Titans have a hidden keyword, that’s not my question

HOW do you know that they have rush and not charge ?

Because plain and simple : if after depleting all their abilities, they can attack the ennemy hero, then they have charge, not rush
Proof being the many clips you can find on youtube of stupid otk decks where they give mega-windfury to a titan, then copy it after it used all its abilities, so the copy attacks 4 times face

It makes more sens that they gave them charge and not rush, because when the ennemy board is empty, you cannot click a rush minion

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oh yeah is possible they have a hidden charge not hidden rush like i said before , this because they can target enemy like the mage one that deal damage and because the empty board like you said.

edit: today im tilted i dont get one right :frowning:

That makes sense, I remember now.
So I was wrong and everything worked as intended then. Thanks for clarifying that))

More like an oversight that stays as a feature
Giving Titans charge just looks like a shortcut they took in the “abilities replace attacks” thing. If they developped a mechanic specific to titans that prevented actual attacks and just allowed abilities, we wouldn’t have these topics once in a while
Same logic with potion of illusion and shadow madness, they give charge to the minion so it can attack, even though the keyword is nowhere on the cards, and that opens up synergies with cards like Djinni of Zephrys