Reno lone ranger bug

“Dryscale Deputy” appears to be messing up my Reno and Elise no duplicate deck or is this working as intended. If it is working as intended that is really disappointing. The wording is a little different then other “no duplicate” decks were the old wording mentions “starting deck has no duplicates”. If it is working as intended there should be further explanation in the wording.

Dryscale Deputy adds an extra copy to your hand. This will not affect Reno or Elise, because they only care about duplicates currently in your deck.

Your deck had duplicate cards in it. Either your deck started that way, or you or your opponent added duplicates to it during gameplay.


That’s exactly what im saying, Dryscale Deputy is breaking the Reno effect, i went back through the hsreplay using the same deck a dozen games with no issue without Dryscale. Also it appears that multiple copies of DK plagues are also ruining the no duplicates decks. If this is as intended then all no dupe decks are doomed and id like my full dust i invested. If by no fault of my own my entire deck is ruined then wtf were they thinking.

That wording has never been used on a card. All “highlander” cards always check for duplicates in the current deck, and shuffling cards into your opponent’s deck has always been a recognized counter strategy for highlander decks.
And also, it has always been a sometimes-used (but risky) strategy to play highlander cards in decks with a low amount of duplicate cards, and then hope to draw those duplicates out of your deck before you need the highlander Battlecry.

Great to know that you play with a tracker!
Please post links to a game (or, better, a few games) where Dryscale Deputy messed up the Reno or Elise Battlecry. Having those replays should make it much easier for Blizzard to recreate the issue and find out the root cause of the bug.

Oh yes. Definitely. Once there are two or more copies of a certain plague in your deck, it has duplicates, and the “no duplicates” requirement is no longer met.
As said above, this is a known strategy to counter highlanders.
(Cards such as Bad Luck Albatross, now in Wild, were only ever used in decks as a tech card to counter highlanders).

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They were thinking that there should be counterplay options against highlander decks, just like there are counterplay options for pretty much ANY style of deck.

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