Recent Dust Grants and Missing Cards

I intended that for now they don’t know how to fix this problem.

If they end up like “wildfire + mage hero”, where they buffed wildfire because of a bug, they may leave the extra dust to avoid doing more damages :joy:

Or, you know, blizz could just let us keep the dust for their own screw up? :thinking:
That’s how customer support works in the real world.
Like, “Oh, we’re sorry we put the wrong topping on your pizza! Here, have the one you ordered, and you can keep the mess up for free!”
But who am I kidding, I’m probably going to be 7k dust in the hole. Honestly idc at this point. Instead of having to play the one class I’ve been playing for years, because that’s the only way ftp players can play this game, I’m having more fun playing a meta deck in a different class that I used that dust on.

See blizzard, giving your players things makes them have more fun and like you more.


i see your logic
here’s where i disagree.

say (like we all do) my craft-list is 8 legendaries and idk 8 epics.
are any of these cards “obsolete” honestly in 6 mo? in 1 year? in 2 years? in wild?

i disagree about cards going bad in time.
i play wild. most decks over there need multiple legendaries to synergize (with mana cheating packages if they aren’t part of the package themselves) to win A game.

so anyway in short.
are you kidding me like none of these cards (or any legendary or epic) in wild “goes bad” in half a year or ever.

once you have that card its yours and if its part of the shell of a deck, its probably not getting bounced out anytime soon and if it its bounced is it really unplayable or just more matchup specific on what slot is better know what im saying?

now, if cards “go bad” in 6 months or a year like you are saying, sure, it would be awful to not be able to craft new and ‘better’ cards later on when they launch. But, if cards do not “go bad” down the road, like my opinion on this, you want those cards now as opposed to a year from now.

especially when you are poor it matters more to get up and running with some decks.
i know it was an error on their part i figured that immediately.
i just didnt think they’d do this and 0 down everyone’s dust and basically take it all back i figured they’d have a PR statement being like “merry xmas, we were going to take it all back but you know what just have it games meant to be played and this PR move of us giving you all this dust you know…makes blizzard look totally nice and cool and company images matter”

i mean its not wrong to take it back, its just a missed opportunity i see for them. would you truly lose money when your company now looks amazing for giving away all this dust? bc that would get like everyone to log in and play your game and talk about it and stream it in a positive tone which in return brings in money to make up for it.

if i were ceo id say "keep it!’ and have that make headlines.
its a digital game its not like it costs them money to make crafted copies.
image over revenue in the short term, hoping that image eventually results in net positive revenue.

this was an opportunity for blizzard to really, really look good and they dropped it (by being fair sure) but being fair isn’t what makes people go “wooa…what did blizz just do? now that’s a baller move!” and see my point?


you make the mistake and we should pay for it? I lost 3000 dust, because of these mistakes you guys are bankrupt


Ok, so I got 4k dust, I didn’t get the double reward that a lot of people got. I crafted a single legendary with that dust earlier. I come back later and have 0 dust. Then, I decided to disenchant two epics that I got in packs earlier this morning, then I logged out. When I logged in 5 minutes ago, I was back to zero. This 200 dust that I had wasn’t even reward dust, and now even that’s gone.


I think they should fix the issue and get the dust balance correct for everyone. Then give everyone 5000 dust for the screw up.


I think the better analogy would be you getting $5,000 added to your bank account by mistake and the bank realizing it the next day and taking $5,000 out of your account. I knew getting 8400 dust X2 was too good to be true; that’s why I didn’t spend it.


This has to be a REALLY embarrassing mistake.


I think it’s fair to remove the extra dust from those who got double.

Why should some lucky people have twice the dust as others ?

The correct way to do things is to either revert it or give everyone double the dust.


If ya’ll did what I did (spend the dust immediately) then you would have won either way.

Even if they roll back dust or delete the cards you crafted… you’re no worse off then you were before.

The game was still in a trash state and you were doing other things :joy:

When you’ve played this game long enough, you learn that we are all just Blizzard’s unpaid beta testers.

If they make an ‘oopsie’, we have to pay for it.


Replying to provide more info. I received ~6400 arcane dust two times as a result of the bug you mentioned. Is it possible the script that your team ran took away too much dust? Because I noticed after logging back in recently that my current dust count is the lower than before I got the refund, and I have not spent any of it. I’ll keep an eye on the thread for an update, thanks for the great work & communication!

I’m a bit disappointed because last night I had 16k dust and now I have none. But I’m definitely not surprised. It wouldn’t make sense from a business standpoint to let everyone keep all that dust.


I think the whole thing’s messed up, sure if you got the double dust, it would make sense to get the extra removed, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who didn’t get the double and are still having dust taken away, especially dust you just got by disenchanting cards.


You’ve literally robbed me. I had around 2000 dust before I was given the free dust and now I have 0, meaning you took off more than you had given me!!! What???

You make a huge mistake because of your spaghetti code and then make even more mistakes? Seriously. What is going on?


I knew blizzard won’t be that generous to give out that amount of arcane dust. They want your hard earn money first before Blizz give you a puny little worth of gift.

This is exactly what I did with the same logic. I’d much rather have fun with those now rather than later.

You guys are getting it wrong.

Blizzard accidentally gave people free 3k-8k x1-2 dust yesterday by a glitch that deleted all copies of normal and golden Honor cards from the alterac honor event + golden lokhar from the tavern pass.

You don’t get 8000 x 1 or 2.

You get 8000 x 0 for everyone who got it before.

Nobody gets extra dust.

And the implementation is changing every 5 minutes so we don’t even know what’s going on. One minute i had +16k, then +2k, then 0k, now my dupes are back, and even the dupes i think should have been refunded originally aren’t being rewarded. XD

I don’t know what’s going on tbh.

And nobody who’s gone crafting seems to have shared anything that’s happened during a relog, if they gone down to 0 or went negative.


I had dust before the mistake and now I have 0 dust. They just set my dust amount to 0, not only that but I have missing cards. Seriously, what’s going on?


I dont understand this. I logged in and was given 6000 dust. i go to craft, its saying i have zero. what is going on? A few of my cards are missing and yes i read that the uncraftables got pulled back but i didnt get any dust for a refund even tho it said here is 6000 and the dust i did have is now gone.


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