Recent, detailed ranking percentages?

4.5 years ago, there was this Hearthside Chat article named “You’re Better Than You Think!”, which summarized how players spread on the ranked ladder. While it was interesting at the time, and the picture provided by the development team then is still featured on the game’s wiki, there are 3 problems:

  1. The data predates the introduction of ranks 50-26, so we have no clue what happens there.
  2. The number of stars per level, as well as various other ladder rules, have changed meanwhile.
  3. The provided data was not detailed enough to be useful. Specifically, it said that 75% of players were between ranks 25 and 16. If you are somewhere in the middle of that range (guess what, that’s where I am), then you have absolutely no idea where you are in the big picture. You could be in the worst 10% of all players, or you could be in the best third, that’s impossible to say without more detailed numbers.

So, would Blizzard please consider publishing up-to-date, detailed ranking percentages? Ideally, I would like to see the percentage of active players at every single rank at the end of the season. Or alternatively, among all players who received a Highest Rank Bonus chest that season, percentages per chest level. I think this would really help players to have a better feeling of where they stand.



As an addendum, I think it would be interesting to see something like this for two groups: all players, and players who earn 6+ wins per season (to filter out the players who only do ranked for the cardback/chest and nothing else).

Also, having something like this updated every season would be pretty neat, to see how stable (or not) rank percentages are.

i still don’t understand why they removed the % from the game


It used to tell you “Your were in the top X% of all players this season” at the end of every season, no clue why they would remove it, it was a cool feature.